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» Friday, January 09, 2015
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
So, I had an extra day off thanks to President Obama, which was fortuitous as I needed to be taking down Christmas decorations. But I desperately wanted to sleep late; I really hadn't done that during the two weeks I was off. (I "slept late" as in I did so after eight, but since I wasn't falling asleep until after midnight with one thing or the other, I still only got eight hours sleep.) So today I tried to sleep nine hours, but the last hour was just dozing. Maybe some other time. ::sigh::

Now it was time to walk the dog and eat breakfast, and then get to divesting. But I was itching to hit a few more Barnes & Noble clearance tables, as I found such nice stuff on them last year. So I threw practicality to the wind and drove out to Peachtree Corners, and since it was right across the street, I had to stop at Sprouts...

Oh, I lucked out! Friday's soup of the day was Italian wedding, and their Italian wedding soup will make angels sing. But they also had chicken and dumpling soup which smelled divine. So I bought both. And some inka nuts, of course.

I didn't have much luck at the Peachtree Corners store. No "Best of British" (this was the last place I saw it), no new "Landlove" or "Landscape" yet. I did get a half-priced copy of the card game "Holiday Fluxx" and also the Entertainment book for half price. This year's ends on December 30. Perhaps they are doing them on calendar year schedules from now on?

However, I got a nice tidy pile of books at the Perimeter Mall store, and one for me, about hidden history facts. Grumbled all the way home: it was only 2 p.m. and Friday traffic was already backed up! By the time I got home, I did have the opportunity to take down the library tree and its table and gather up certain other things. I didn't make the woodland or the airplane tree, though.

James got in late, and though we were both hungry, we went to Kroger and did the shopping, and picked up a contribution for Hair Day tomorrow. Once we were home, we had the chicken and dumpling soup for supper—I liked it, but the Italian wedding is still better—and watched two Elementary episodes off the DVR, plus tonight's Hawaii Five-O. We were wondering where Danny was, and it seems it must be because of the last two episodes we missed! Grr.

We had a funny before bed. Kroger has been having a big clearance sale, mostly leftover Christmas food mixes, but also some other things. Last week I picked up a set of men's fleece pajama bottoms for James, and tonight we found another pair his size, and also one for me. I put all the groceries away when we got home, but had left the shopping bag with the two fleece bottoms, all rolled up and held with an elastic band, on the kitchen floor. When I went to get them at bedtime, James' pants were gone. Now I knew they'd come home. Where...? No, it couldn't be...

Yes, in Tucker's box. Unmolested, but resting in the back like he was going to use it as a bolster!

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