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» Sunday, October 05, 2014

Annnnd he's off to work again...while I was occupied by a long, complicated dream that included bad guys, a threat, and three dogs that I'd never laid eyes on before, and there was no conclusion to the mystery. Phooey.

When I emerged from the bedclothes, it was quite chilly; the thermostat was standing at 64°F, which is what we keep it at during the night in the winter. Got dressed, walked the dog, and the two of us had breakfast, then I was off on errands. I needed bread for sandwiches for lunch, so I went by Publix, got some French bread, the mushrooms James had forgotten at Kroger last night, and a newspaper. The sky was a bright, bright blue; pity it's going to get warmer again. The sky looks so anemic when it's warm.

I'd gotten a half-off coupon from Michael's via e-mail, so I drove to the Smyrna store and decided to get one of the big carousels to keep crafts in. My craft table is always a mess and I have to clear different containers off it if I want more room to work. This would keep all supplies corralled in one place and easily shifted. It was already half price, so I used the coupon on one of two tiny craft items. Checked out Dollar Tree at the opposite end of the strip mall looking for cheap, small dog collars, the idea being to put them on the two extendable leash handles, this way while we clean up we can dangle the leash from one wrist rather than having to hold the handle with one hand and fumble with the bag in the other. Only one big dog collar left. So I thought I'd go on to Big Lots. I took a shortcut through King Springs Road to check out the dog park at Tolleson Park, but could only find the swimming pool and the tennis courts. I either missed the internal road, or there's more of the park somewhere else, because I could see the rest of the park over the trees bordering the pool. [Later: Checked a map; the entrance for the other side of the park is on another road, which is what I figured.]

Never went in Big Lots as there is a Family Dollar next door. I picked up baking soda for the fridge, a can of chicken spread for a lunch sandwich for me, and some thick elastic headbands that will do the leash job as well as a cheap dog collar. Finally it was home for a chicken spread sandwich on the last of the demi-baguette from Trader Joe's.

I had a lot of things I could have done this afternoon. I did get two essentials accomplished: giving Snowy another turn in his carry box and replacing the duct tape on my splash guard. I gave Snowy his "ride" first. I put a sprig of millet in the box as an incentive, but he didn't pay attention to it, as there was too much to see for the little guy. First I just talked to him while carrying the box down the stairs, pointing out the artwork on the stairway. I hope just speaking to him calmly will help him get used to it. Then we went out to the porch. I pointed out bushes and trees and grass and houses. I know he doesn't understand, but it keeps the communication open. Then, keeping at an even gait, I walked down the porch stairway and took him to sit in the passenger seat of the car. I had to be careful to keep him out of the sun, as white birds and yellow birds can sunburn. I turned on the radio hoping it would make him feeling better; he was pretty calm, but still panting a little. The only time he freaked out during the trip was when we went out under the banner and it flapped in the wind. Finally I took him inside and walked him around the hall and the library before returning him to his cage. Five minutes later he was fluffed up and singing to his mirror.

I got the purple duct tape on the splash guard of the car as well. It is fastened on (it was pretty solid when I took the old silver duct tape off), but the mechanic said some tape would help its stability since the piece the splash guard is fastened to is broken. Not sure I feel like dealing with Ed Voyles' dealership to get a new part!

I ended up spending the afternoon cleaning up my craft room. First I loaded all the supplies: paintbrushes, markers, colored pens, pliers, scissors, some beads, some other jewelry-making supplies, and other bits and bobs into the new craft carousel. I am angry at myself because I knew I should have changed before I started this. One of the pens was leaking and now I have green ink spotting one of my weekend shirts. Grr. I also put up some floss, put the discount Christmas cards I bought in January up on the top of one cabinet, put the rest of the beads and charms in the new containers I bought for them, emptied some craft store bags still sitting on the floor (discovering something I bought for James God knows when), vacuumed, and finally washed off the desk. It was dry not long after and I finished a craft project on a nice cleared surface.

I'd loaded the dishwasher and was starting dinner when James arrived home early, so he took Tucker outside while I got the turkey thighs in the oven. They were cooked with parsley, thyme, a little salt, and some white wine, and were quite yummy. We had Bear Creek chicken pasta as a side.

Tonight: season premiere of Alaska: the Last Frontier. This was proceeded by a clip show, and I wondered if some new material was put in, or if we'd missed an episode, because I don't ever remember seeing Atz's wife Bonnie in an episode except in the background. They also had a sequence with the "bad luck calf" (he was separated from his mother on the cattle drive to the summer pasture, then a few months later was attacked by a bear) that I don't remember. Otto and Charlotte had to lance an abscess in its throat. I have to hand it to healthcare professionals and people who live off the grid; that was really gross.

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