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» Thursday, October 16, 2014
The Walden Moment
We got cheated out of our work picnic last year because of the furlough, but I didn't want to go anyway; it was supposed to be at Stone Mountain Park, which is not only a long drive, but a charge of $10 to get in. This year we were back to Jones Bridge Park, which I love. The picnic pavilion is on one bank of the Chattahoochee River, and right behind it, stairs lead down to a walkway to the river, and then to a little stand of woods. After a few hours of chatting and loud music, I always wander down to the water to watch the wildlife and then have a walk in the woods before leaving for home.

This year the picnic was not mandatory attendance, so I played it by ear. Today dawned cloudy and delightfully cool, about 58°F when I took Tucker out for his walk. It was supposed to be partly cloudy most of the day, and wasn't supposed to get over 65, so I put on my fall sweatshirt and left the house in time to stop at Sprouts to get some muffins for the picnic as well as some inka corn for me. I picked up some homemade Italian wedding soup for supper, too.

Had a good time at the festivities. Had a burger and a hot dog, some chips, and cucumber and tomato salad, plus one of the chocolate muffins, and sat talking with Tiffney and Gordon. The temperature had been slowly climbing when I left the house, but the clouds had come back in by the time I arrived at the park. The wind was quite nippy and people were wrapped in blankets or rubbing their arms. Our branch chief gave a sum-up of the fiscal year after everyone had a chance at the food, and then the line dancing commenced. I took a few photos, then the river called and I had to follow it.

When I'd arrived, I'd checked out the water and one of my co-workers told me there was a blue heron in the river. Now I tapped back down the stairs and found him again; he was in mid-stream, intently watching a man who was fishing; he was wearing waders and was slowly crossing the stream. What a lovely bird, thin as that proverbial rail, with sleek grey feathers just tinged with blue. I got several photos of him, and also discovered a Canada goose that had an odd-looking head that looked spotted. When I got a closer look at it, it was evident this goose had a domestic goose parent. Its neck was mottled black and white, and it had a fuller head than the full-blood Canada geese. There were several dozen geese on the river, and it was also dotted with mallard ducks. Every so often the sun would attempt to break through the clouds and give the water a golden light, and then the wind and the clouds would close in again.

I headed up the shore and took pictures of the heron from several angles, and then took my walk in the woods. The scent of the fallen leaves brought autumn home. Squirrels scrambled up in branches around me. An elderly woman walked two dogs just ahead of me, crunching through the leaves, the smaller dog running rings investigating all the scents. Tucker would have gone berserk out here, trying to track down squirrels. Once the sun broke through the trees and pooled around me.

I reached the end of the woods just as my back started strenuously complaining, so I got into the car and headed home, stopping briefly at Barnes & Noble to use the bathroom. Not only did I find a parking space right out in front, but I found a copy of "Best of British." Score!

Stopped at Publix to pick up some bread to go with the Italian wedding soup, and then arrived home, walked Tucker, and finally stretched out on the bed. My right shoulder was cramped and painful, for whatever reason; it's been a right pain in the butt ever since the thyroid cancer surgery. Today I needed Motrin and the lie-down was appreciated.

The soup was delicious!

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