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» Monday, October 13, 2014
Attack of the Bookazines!

I really, really did intend to do some housework today, but the siren song of crafts supplies egged me on. After breakfast and dog walking, I went up to Town Center. We had a Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon expiring today, so I got a few things we needed: Plinks, string, and a pastry brush (well, okay, I need the pastry brush for the wine biscuits), and I found some nice plastic plates. Back in the "olden days," good frozen dinners (like LeMenu) came on plastic plates, but over the years our accumulated collection from both our efforts and my mom's has broken, and we have one measly LeMenu left. They're good for lunches, serving, etc.

Stopped at both JoAnn and Michael's for a few more craft items, and then got a wild hare to stop at 2nd and Charles, the used book store. I have found a couple of things here in the past, but nothing very exciting. Hit a bumper crop today: a decent copy of Theater Shoes, since the copy I got at the book sale last year looked like it was chewed by a dog; a novelization of Miss Potter which I loved despite the fact that the story was so fictionalized; The Sixty-Eight Rooms which I first saw at ::sob:: Borders; the lovely Little House Christmas Treasury (Christmas chapters from the Little House books with colored illustrations); and, finally, three of the five Marian Bray "Lassie" books. These came out in the 1990s, but I'd never seen or heard of them until I was compiling a list of books for my Lassie website. These are middle grade books with a Christian bent. In this incarnation, Lassie belongs to the Harmon family and specifically to 12-year-old Jimmy, whose father is a minister. If you're a Lassie fan, the basic plots to the books may sound a bit familiar: it's because Bray based the books on plots from the television series. The first one is based very loosely on "Lassie's Odyssey" and there are also touches of "The Dognappers." The elder Harmons are named Paul and Ruth, the next book features an "Uncle" Cully, and the third a "Mr. Krebs" and a mysterious "Mr. Nicholson." Bray even riffs on Lassie Come-Home twice in the first book. (One time she's incorrect: she describes Lassie as a tricolor, but the television Lassie is a sable. A tricolor is mostly black.)

Finally I stopped at Barnes & Noble because I hate to let a 20 percent off coupon go to waste. I bought James a jets calendar. Oh, and three cross-stitch magazines because the Christmas designs were out.

I had come home, eaten my lunch (leftover pasta and pork!), and had taken Tucker for his walk, and was just checking the mailbox when the garage doors came up. Work was slow today because of Columbus Day and Canadian Thanksgiving, so they sent James home early. So we had some time together and I had Snowy in the carry box for a while, had a nice dinner (grilled chicken thighs and Yukon Gold potatoes) and watched television.

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