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» Saturday, September 20, 2014
Words With Friends

We have had a pleasantly busy day, although it started much too early. :-) We were presenting the lunch centerpiece, pork cacciatore (and some chicken cacciatore for Mel and Phyllis, who do not eat pork) and Hair Day, but everything is cooked and we just packed it in an insulated bag and went on. We feasted on two cheese balls and some veggie dip and fruit dip and deviled eggs until it was time for dinner, which included our cacciatore, pasta, a big salad, and garlic bread. It came out very well, but I needed to cook the pork more, or definitely use boneless pork ribs.

We came home for the afternoon, and tried to set up a multi-use printer I got in return for doing a review on it. Well, it connected to the network okay and prints, but the scanner works not at all, and that was primarily what I wanted it for. I tried calling Epson, but the tech didn't seem to know what to tell me, and we had to leave for supper before we had time to troubleshoot.

And then we ended up waiting an entire hour to be seated. I didn't get the whole story, but apparently even though Juanita had called ahead, they let another party have our table, or part of our table. To make up, they gave the table free appetizers, and they didn't charge Juanita and David. By then it was after seven and we were ravenous. Had a bit of this and that, and then salad, and then supper, chatting all the while. David passed around his birthday cards, and they brought him a free dessert, plus a plate with "Happy Birthday" drawn on it.

It was a nice day, but a bit exhausting. Have put tonight's Doctor Who on hold to watch the final part of The Roosevelts.

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