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» Friday, September 19, 2014
The Friday Flit

When last we met, James worked Saturday, but had today off, so I dipped into my leave and also took the day off, as we had some business at the bank we needed to take care of. But the first order of business was getting at least eight hours sleep. In my case, nature called at seven-and-a-half hours. Dammit.

I walked the dog and we had breakfast, and then James gave Kaiser a call, hopping from one department to another like an agile but frustrated squirrel. It sounds as if they are going to give him the mobility scooter, so we got the paperwork ready to mail.

Our first stop was at the bank, where we spoke to someone and got the information we needed, then we went on to mail the letter. Next, we drove out to the old site of the hobby shop to drop off James' kilt and some dress shirts at the cleaner; James likes the place, it's been at this same shopping center since the 1950s, so we go back there with our dry cleaning. We were planning to finish up our errand route at Barnes & Noble, so we came back via Lower Roswell Road and stopped at MicroCenter. I was looking for a USB electrical plug. Also found a USB car charger, two eyeglass repair kits, some photo print paper, and a telescoping wand with a magnet at the end, for those tiny metal things you drop in corners.

When we reached Cumberland Mall it was lunchtime, so we parked at Fresh2Order and had lunch. When we go there on Friday nights it's always so deserted I worry about the place staying open, but it was massively crowded for lunch. I had the bowl of creamy chicken vegetable soup, which is thick and closer to a stew than a soup, with big chunks of chicken, lots of carrot slices, and bits of onion, with some sort of herb flavoring that I can't identify. It's definitely a full meal. James had a smaller bowl with half a panini. After eating we crossed the mall for a necessary repair: one of the nose pads had fallen off my glasses. Since one of the nose pads had already fallen off my spare pair of glasses, I brought both and got them upgraded.

Our final stop was at Barnes & Noble, where James was looking for a new David Weber/Timothy Zahn book he heard was due out after DragonCon. Turns out it was due out way after DragonCon, like October. But they let him use the coupon he had today to order it now and it will be mailed to him for free when it's released. I picked up the new "TV Guide," mainly for the full-page photo of Ichabod and Abbie. :-) Also a winter crafts magazine that did have some cross-stitch in it. With my coupon I got Engines of War, a novel featuring the War Doctor.

James' knees had about given out, so we headed home. It was already three o'clock and we weren't home long before I took Tucker out in the back yard for a while. As we walked in the gate he spotted the black and white feral cat at the edge of the trees and took off after it. His leash got caught in a fallen tree branch—I really need to ask Paolo to clean out back there!—and it started "following," scaring the yelps out of him. After we came in, I changed clothes and then tried Snowy out in the carry box. Tucker did not want to leave him alone; I didn't mind when he had his paws on my knee staring at him, but when he started to jump in my lap it was a bit much. Snowy still doesn't like the carry box much, but this time he sat right on the perches and eventually moved over to the mirror to peck at it. I think it at least needs a shiny new toy and a spring of millet to engage him. I sang a little to him and we watched Kaley Cuoco on Ellen with her new pixie cut.

James also fixed the pole lamp in the living room, which died last weekend when the switch finally clicked its last. The switch has been "soft" for months and you had to turn it "juuuuuust right" for the light to go on. The bottom part of the switch was apparently one whole piece and would not come apart, so we just matched the gold top part of the replacement switch with the silver bottom part and said the hell with it. The light now lights and it doesn't look like we have a single gas lamp like Sherlock Holmes anymore, with the rest of the room swimming in darkness. I had to put the shades up while I was working this week and it only made it hotter in the living room.

Later it was Jeopardy, parts three and four of "The Dominators" on Doctor Who, and the penultimate part of The Roosevelts.

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