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» Friday, September 12, 2014
Real Deals...Even Sleeping Late

The six most beautiful words in the English language: "The alarm clock is shut off." I slept until nine! And I was still tired and sore.

I'd had a call yesterday from TruGreen saying they were coming today, but I resolved to only wait until noon; I had a list and errands to run. It was at least cloudy, but hideously sticky, when I took Tucker for his walk, and then we both had breakfast, and I checked out what FETV had rerun of Lassie this morning, which reminded me to post the 60th anniversary notice on Facebook and the Lassie group. Unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, and wiped down some of the counters. Tossed all the dog's toys back into his toy box. The clock ticked. Read the comics. Read Emma's blog. Put up the autumn banner, wreath, and basket on the front porch.

Left at almost noon. And he never did show up.

I wasn't going far, and saw a treat on the way there: a 1930s Chevrolet in a beautiful bottle green, like a mallard's head. I arrived at a traffic light just behind it and was able to snap a pic, sadly through a grimy, rain-spattered windshield. Finally I arrived at Petsmart, for a bag of dog food, two clickers, and a bone to hold plastic bags (I want one for each leash), and then I stopped at Lowe's. My mass picture-hanging had cleaned me out of 1 1/4 nails and it looked like I needed 1 inch brads as well. I got some longer brads, too, and checked out the garden section; cheered when I saw an employee clearing all the shelves out, which means they're prepping for Christmas. Wandered among the Hallowe'en decorations and the light bulbs as well, and noticed they had a very nice Bosch dishwasher for only $500.

For a treat I stopped at Hobby Lobby and immersed myself in fall, Christmas, and just plain crafts. I bought a couple of fall crafts things (on sale), some metallic embroidery floss (on clearance), and a set of Command hooks (with a coupon). I checked out their Christmas trees, but I didn't see a one I liked; all the good ones are too tall. I want nothing over six feet. Need to check out Kmart once they have their trees out; they had some good ones last year.

Came home to look over my treasures, eat some rice in broth for lunch, and decide whether I wanted to go out again. Finally decided it was too hot, but I did take Tucker for another walk. The sun was out in full force now and I was glad for my hat. He yanked the leash out of my hand chasing a squirrel and brought up big blue bruises on my left fingertips. Serves me right for collecting the mail first and having my hands occupied. I wish these extendable leashes had a loop as well!

Put all the purchases up, made the bed, put most of the dishes away, waited for James. Of course he got a late call. It was almost six before we headed out to dinner. Went to Folks in Hiram, where they served up a yummy salad, a small portion of french fries that were potato tasting rather than greasy, and two nicely-grilled pork chops, one of which came home with me. James enjoyed some gizzards with Brunswick stew.

Then it was off to Michael's, where I was overjoyed to see that the poster frames were still on sale for $8 each! I bought two more, because the poster frame in the living room with the fall scene in it has already come apart once and nearly broke Mother's clock on the mantel, and the one holding "the Wizard of Speed and Time" poster in the foyer is twisted and the bottom part of the frame has been falling off for over a year. These poster frames have a frame that is all of one piece rather than four individual sides that snap on. I used the 50 percent off coupon I'd intended to use on a frame to complete a Christmas gift.

James hadn't brought "Topper" with him, and his knees seized up halfway through the store, so I went into Five Below alone. Brought some caribiners to fasten the clickers to the leashes and a USB wall charger. But the best thing was the brilliant orange sunset painted across the western sky.

And then home in the dark to walk the dog one more time—this time he was racing off after a stray chihuaha that appeared from nowhere—and try to relax before bed.

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