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» Sunday, September 21, 2014
Let Us Eat Cake

We had a lovely sleep-in this morning and then I took Tucker for his walk. It was sunny outside with an autumn sky that, sadly, vanished as the day went on, and about 71°F with a nice breeze. Tucker decided not to growl at the big dogs at the end of the street (they look like mastiffs, but are black), which I appreciated.

We went off to Kroger with the rollator still in the back of the truck from last night; a good thing because it was after eleven and all the handicapped parking spaces were SRO. Once James was inside, he got the cart and I walked the rollator around. We got groceries for the week and soup for supper. It was even handy for getting the groceries out to the truck.

Once the groceries were put up, we took a little ride out to Acworth with a Books-a-Million coupon. We had found the missing free dessert coupon from Longhorn that James got for his birthday, so we were going to split a dinner and then have the dessert. We decided to have ribs...and they were all out! So we shared a big ribeye instead, and then got the Chocolate Stampede. As always, we ate the ice cream and took the huge slices of cake home, as that will be dessert for two nights for both of us.

The Books-a-Million trip was underwhelming. I did get a new "Chicken Soup" book with dog stories, and a gift for someone, a magazine about Theodore Roosevelt, and a cross-stitch magazine. By te time we'd eaten and perused, and then drove home, it was after four. For dinner watched last night's Doctor Who, "Time Heist," which was a good episode but not particularly memorable, Too Cute, and then, because nothing else was good on, put the McBride movie marathon on Hallmark on. Good grief! Hallmark is starting their Christmas movies on Hallowe'en this year!

I'm sad this weekend is over. We had such a nice time together, and with friends.

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