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» Monday, September 01, 2014
DragonCon, Day 4...or "Doesn't She Look Tired?"

Hurrah! It was cooler this morning with no fog, so we could go with open windows so James could rest his sore elbow on the window frame. We got it right on the fourth try and finally got to Peachtree Center earlier, even after picking up the scooter (yes, indeed, we got a four-wheeler today, and this one was red and the beeper worked); of course it is Monday and anyone still here is probably checking out of their room. So it was no trouble getting through the line at Cafe Momo this morning, though I was thankful for Bill being in front of me as I couldn't reach the styrofoam tray. A pain being short sometimes.

This meant we could make our way leisurely through the ramp to the Marriott and then back to the Hyatt for the Sci-Fi literature track "What is Fandom?" panel. Bill was on this panel as well, as well as Anya Martin, Rhetta Akamatsu, and Daniel Logan, who was the young member of the panel, and a fan, among other things, of theme parks. So, what is fandom? Just a collection of people who are enthusiastic about a certain subject? Is fandom family? It depends on the fandom, and the friends you make within the fandom. (And sometimes you have conflicts within your family as serious as the ones within fandoms.) How has science fiction fandom changed? Originally it was mostly men; it was mainly Star Trek that brought women into fandom, and, as Anya pointed out, many girls were fans back then, but you didn't talk about it because you were made fun of. For my part, fandom is part of my real life. I am the most alive there. Work is the place I must put on a face to meet the other faces, like Prufrock. But the latter is what supports the former, even if the former makes me happier.

Anyway, lively panel, and very enjoyable!

Made certain James got back up in the elevator—with the smaller crowds, the people left were much more helpful today—so he could go over to the Merchandise Mart, and then ran down to Artist's Alley to get Andy Runton to sign the only Owly print I had without a signature (ironically, my favorite of the seasonal prints, the autumn one). I noted a graphic novel collection at the artist booth next to Andy's, which was selling the Lost in Space conclusion that Bill Mumy wrote some years back. I remember him talking about it and it had sounded interesting, so I bought it.

Finally I scampered (LOL, easier said than done) outside and down John Portman and then right on Courtland to the Sheraton and the British audios panel. Mostly we talked about the Big Finish productions, but Sacha echoed my own opinion: go to the BBC's website! Find Radio 4 and 4X! Listen!

When the hour was over, and they have been ticking down so quickly today, I hotfooted it over to the Hilton Grand Ballroom for a panel about the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode in review. There was a line for this, but it didn't last long, and, amazingly, I managed to telephone James during the interim. (This, of course, was because he wasn't in the Hyatt!) Again, another funny panel. As far as I'm concerned, the 50th anniversary episode completely eclipsed the regeneration episode, which was a bit sad. I could have done with less of Doctor Ten and his Elizabeth I romance, but only because I loved everyone else so much, especially John Hurt as the War Doctor. What a wonderful bit of casting and a terrific performance! (We also touched a bit upon the amazing "Night of the Doctor," which, when I first saw it, made me shriek in delight at the presence of Paul McGann.)

And then it was time...the saddest time of the weekend...the very final panel, which is always the BritTrack feedback panel (I preferred the old title, though: "So long, and thanks for all the fish"). James was already there, having divested himself of the scooter down on the first floor and just having found a seat. It was a happy farewell, with Rob With the Hat without the hat, Caro with an exceedingly hoarse voice, and Robert anchoring the other end of the table. They took suggestions and heard comments, and I was very envious of the night events that, alas, we wouldn't have been able to attend, sodas were given out, and farewells were finally made. We left at 3:30, extracted the truck from the garage, and drove to Barnes & Noble because we had coupons. James got a model, but I couldn't find anything right now; the Sleepy Hollow book isn't due out for weeks.

We usually have supper at Longhorn on the last night of DragonCon, but we are going to postpone until the weekend, and just went to Kroger to get the few groceries we needed (milk!!!) and some soup for our evening meal. James took Tucker outside, and then we were able to sit and eat. I played a few episodes of Too Cute, then we watched the end of Jeopardy, and parts one and two of "The Space Museum" on Doctor Who.

So, am tired but happy, despite worrying about James on his scooter all weekend, especially after his tip-over last night. Time has flashed by like nothing—it seems like only hours ago I was finishing up my orders at work and we were making our way through the mob scene downtown to go to Registration. I suppose it's a good thing special occasions only come so rarely and ordinary time goes so slowly, or our lives would be over in minutes.

Still, tossed out of Narnia again... ::sigh::

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