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» Wednesday, September 03, 2014
Count Your Blessings

James had an appointment at the Shepherd Center today to see if we can get Kaiser to contribute to getting him a scooter or a power chair for times we need to walk longer than a hundred yards or so. I decided I should go along because whatever way this turns out, it's going to make a dent in our finances: co-pay, a carrier for the car, etc. So he went to work this morning because he's only one of two people covering the phones at that time. I got up, walked the dog, cleaned the two upstairs bathrooms, and ran very quickly to Walmart to get a new bulb for the refrigerator, a couple of frames, and a rug to put down at the back door. I got home just in time for James to come pick me up.

The GPS took us on a dippy back way; if we'd known exactly where it was (just north of the Benihana), we would have just gotten off the freeway at Northside Drive and gone through Peachtree Battle. But we got there okay and settled down to wait. I've never seen so many people in wheelchairs in my life, and it made me feel very blessed to still be ambulatory. Many were elderly, but there were also many younger people. As we waited, I was next to a wheelchair-bound man who was talking to a woman and her teenage son, the latter also in a wheelchair. He appeared speech impaired and I didn't know if he might have had cerebral palsy or a muscular disease, or if he had been in some type of accident. They were talking about pain management and the man said he meditated an hour a day to work with it.

We talked to the assessor and discussed chairs vs. scooters, and he put in the paperwork, and now...we'll see. We came home by Panera and had an early supper, then came home. Now we're watching Hurricane 360, about Hurricane Katrina survivors. Count your blessings indeed.

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