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» Saturday, August 09, 2014
You Who!

Well, so much for the Farmer's Market.

We got up on time, and I took Tucker on a short walk so he'd do this thing. While I ran back in the house to get something, James heard on the radio that they were having a running event downtown. This meant no parking would be available. We went to Kroger instead to get supplies for Hair Day. We bought tomatoes and onions for the hamburgers Ron would be making on the grill, two kinds of cole slaw, some kettle chips, and two cucumbers to make a salad with. I also picked up bananas, since they were yellow instead of green the way they usually are in Smyrna, and a couple of peaches for work.

Hair Day itself passed in a blur. Oreta and Alex talked about what vegetables he could plant so late in the season. She had bought a bowlful of the best watermelon we've tasted all season. Juanita and Jessie had to get clipped and run, as they had a baby shower this afternoon. Charles told us about his upcoming vacation to the Upper Penisula of Michigan. He and a friend are going to walk over the Mackinac Bridge, on the one day of the year they allow you to do so. Terica and I were comparing stupidity-at-work notes.

And, dang, I forgot Colin's graduation gift again.

We were about to leave at noon when James realized he'd been so busy talking he'd forgotten to get his hair cut! So he had to have a quick clip so we could leave so he could get on the road to his club meeting. He dropped me off at the little Baptist church and I walked the rest of the way home, then spent the rest of the time there having a glass of milk and deciding whether I wanted to change clothes. I did.

Barnes & Noble has been having this "pop culture" promotion for the last couple of weeks, and today and tomorrow were the last two days, the theme of which was "page and screen." Alan Siler, who runs Timegate, works at the Perimeter store and he had a Doctor Who event this afternoon. They had trivia and the Earth Station One people did a podcast right from the store. I won one of the rounds of trivia and got a DVD set, the first half of the Doctor with Donna Noble (which of course includes the episode with Peter Capaldi, whose premiere as the Doctor is in two weeks!). Some guy came in a very nice War Doctor costume. Proving that my geekiness outweighs my common sense, I extracted my fourth Doctor scarf and slouch hat from their storage spots. Only Doctor Who would make me wear a heavy scarf in the throes of August! Thank God for air conditioning! Louis Robinson also showed up for the festivities.

So I came home with my DVD, the latest issue of Doctor Who magazine with the results of the "all time favorite" episode vote, last week's "Entertainment Weekly" with Peter Capaldi on the cover, and a book for a birthday gift. James was already home. As I was leaving for my trip eastbound, he'd called me to say he had gotten to Hobbytown and discovered the meeting had been rescheduled. (It turns out the Nationals are this weekend, which would explain the change.) So he'd come home and taken a nap.

We didn't do much after that. While he had Tucker outside I watched the Lassie episode "Scarecrow" which showed on FETV yesterday. We also watched yesterday's two episodes of Make Room for Daddy (it's horrible how they are chopping these to bits to add doc-in-the-box commercials). And I discovered with delight that today was the season premiere of a new sequence of Flipping Boston episodes! Yayyyyyy!

Finished both the magazines tonight, too.

* Photo taken by Kirby Bartlett-Sloan.

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