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» Saturday, August 23, 2014
The Day of the Doctor

James embarked on the next stage of a marathon today.

He'd already been scheduled to work Sunday to have the Friday of DragonCon off. Then they asked him to work Saturday, too, with the promise that he could have Thursday off. So he did it, which means this morning he started the second half of ten straight days of work. The only good thing about it is that he could sleep until 7:30 this morning and can do the same tomorrow.

I woke up just as the garage doors rose, and was so restive there was no use going back to sleep. I took Tucker out for a long walk, then we both had breakfast, and then it was time for errands, so he went back into his crate. I went to Costco and lucked out particularly by getting a parking space almost right outside the door. I bought toilet paper, milk, chicken legs, and a copy of Vicious. One thing I wasn't getting was gasoline; with the 3 cent Kroger discount, it was cheaper at Kroger.

I had a funny on the way home. I was stopped at the light on South Cobb Drive and aimlessly staring off toward the right. When I turned to the left, a woman in a big SUV stopped next to me was waving and gesticulating at me with the window rolled down. I rolled down my window and she shouted "New episode of Doctor Who tonight!" She had seen the magnetic "My other vehicle is a TARDIS" sign on the back of my car!

Once home, with the groceries put away, I gathered up some things I wanted to take to Goodwill and disposed of them, then ducked into Dollar General. They were stocking shelf after shelf with bags of Hallowe'en candy, and they had costumes and things out. I bought Tucker a cheap little shirt that said "Vampire Dog" on it (hey, I've felt his teeth!). Finally I stopped by Vickery Hardware, and then returned home.

I spent the rest of the afternoon alternating doing housework and watching the Doctor Who marathon on BBC America. I got everything vacuumed on the main floor and finally did the stairs and swept the foyer and the downstairs hall and the laundry room, plus cleared out Tucker's crate of the detritus of what he collects: wrapper bits, another toothpick, paper scraps. This morning I decanted James' new fan and five minutes after opening the box found part of the cardboard packing under the table being gnawed. I needed the breaks just to cool off; the Whoathon was just lagniappe.

We had a whopper of a thunderstorm late in the afternoon, but it only lasted about twenty minutes. The lightning bolt and the whipcrack of thunder right over the house got my attention, though! James got out at six and picked up dinner from Dragon 168 on the way home, and we ate it while watching the reprise of "The Time of the Doctor" before the big Peter Capaldi reveal.

I really enjoyed it, if the pacing in the middle was a little off. It was hard to tell if it was really the pacing because of so many damn commercials, but I like what I see so far! I hope Clara keeps the sarcastic spunk, and I hope they keep the not-bouncing-off-walls pace. I see we have another story arc developing as well. Next I want to watch it without those bloody commercials!

Watched Intruders afterwards, and was also intrigued, and nice to see John Simm slowed down to normal speed after playing the Master at fast forward.

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