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» Thursday, August 28, 2014
I Made It Through The Rain...Sorta
I finished every single new purchase order I had in my queue by 3 p.m.—and that was even with a staff meeting shoved into the early afternoon. But I was so keyed up this morning after not sleeping well that I was bouncing off almost as many walls as Tucker. Walked him, worked five solid hours, then went in to work for a staff meeting and also to print out things since my @!$#%!#!$! scanner was scanning two pages as one. Glad to go to the staff meeting because I was screaming at my work computer, which took almost ten minutes to boot up, and the good scanner wasn't working...again.

Sadly, it's "sorta" because I couldn't get the two modifications finished, too, but at least one of the people had advised me that they wouldn't have the mod back until late tomorrow. I don't understand why they have to go through such a fol-de-rol about prices that were decided upon when the purchase order was issued originally, but—there you go.

James had today off, went to Costco and to Sam's, and bought all our lunch supplies, and spent the mid-afternoon making sandwiches for lunch for us for the weekend with roast beef and chicken for me, and the same plus ham for him. I brought out all the snacks: trail mix, nuts, crackers, Cheez-Its, Goldfish, etc. They're on the dining room table for us to put together a lunch tomorrow. But I forgot to tell him to look for juice boxes, and the ones in the grocery store are abysmal, so I guess we are stuck with water.

We set off for downtown with trepidation about five, because traffic was backed up all the way to the Brookwood Connector where I-75 and I-85 run together to go through downtown Atlanta. The GPS on my phone offered us a quicker route, which we took, and it was absolutely wonderful for a while: we went down Atlanta Road to Marietta Parkway, and then to Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway, and then in and out of the small roads on the outskirts of Georgia Tech.

Seven-tenths of a mile from our destination we were stopped dead by blinking traffic lights and we spent the next hour trying to get around the mess. Seven-tenths of a mile. Around almost every corner the traffic lights weren't working. What a pain. And then when we got to the Courtland Street Garage they'd jacked up the parking "event" price to $30. What a bunch of opportunists! Let's screw all those science fiction fans and football fans and other people in town this weekend.

We did find a handicapped parking space right near the entrance, and made our way slowwwwwly to the Sheraton. We registered with disability services this year because James is renting a scooter for the weekend. They were super-nice: someone even goes to get your badge for you, and brings you a bag with a convention book and pocket program. James did pretty well tonight, if we had to go glacially slow. We had supper in Peachtree Center and then made our way slowly to the Westin Hotel, where Baen Books was having a book preview event. John Ringo was speaking when we came in and James enjoyed what he had to say. I just sat and read quietly after we'd talked to Teri Sears, who just came back from two weeks in England, Wales, and Ireland! She said it was 50°F when she left there. Oh, heaven!

Made it back to the car over the skybridge commenting about the motor homes parked in the lots below, and home in one piece, to walk the terrier and coo to the budgie and have something cold to drink.

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