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» Sunday, August 10, 2014
From Supermarket to Surprise

After a nice late-night chat with Emma, we slept in, a delicious sleep-in. It was overcast and very, very humid. After Tucker had his walk, we went to Kroger. I got some chicken soup for lunch and James some tamales from the deli, and we bought milk and other necessities of life. Barilla pasta was on sale ten for ten, so we stocked up, including on tricolor pasta and whole wheat. Even got some "farfalle" which will be good for soup. Unpleasantly discovered that (1) there is no more basic spaghetti sauce without sugar that doesn't have pepper in it (I'd rather have the sugar) and (2) and DelMonte is now putting sorbitol in their mandarin orange cups. Just because it isn't "sugar" doesn't mean it hasn't been sweetened. Same thing with the Kroger brand. Dole is still using juice, thank God!

We came home, had lunch, and then left for Phyllis' surprise party. Now, someone had made a offhand reference to the party yesterday, which I tried to cover up, but thankfully Phyllis was so taken up with the different conversations going on at Hair Day that she missed the reference. So she was really surprised, especially when she discovered her son, his wife, and her two adorable granddaughters had driven in from Iowa. Unfortunately the cake had an accident in transport, so we couldn't see it in its full glory, but it was delicious. We sat around telling favorite stories (including my favorite, which involves Lin and Pat "the baby's lawyer") and telling Colin stories, since he brought his new girlfriend to the gathering. She wasn't scared off by any of this. :-)

Leigh (Phyllis' daughter) and Robbie had bought burgers for all, so we ended up having supper there and just noshing a bit when we got home.

And so back to the fray tomorrow...

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