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» Sunday, August 17, 2014
A Nap Was Needed

Eight hours of sleep was not my destiny today. Sadly, something I ate at dinner didn't agree with me. I simply took my tablet into the bathroom and read "Woman's Day" and dealt. Once James got up and Tucker was walked, we went up to the Kroger at Battle Ridge to pick up the necessities of life (milk and bread and yogurt), and a few other bits and bobs, including some turkey thighs to make for supper. James had really bad luck with the scooters this morning. The first one ran out of juice before he got to the managers' specials meat case in the back, while the second was dying as I returned it to the store. I was still feeling bad, so we headed home. Once my problem was taken care of, we ran to Publix for a couple of things, and a double-paper, which Kroger didn't have, and then James went back to the Smyrna Kroger for gasoline.

We finally came home for breakfast, where I made an unpleasant discovery. On Thursday or Friday I killed a little roach in the hall bathroom. Today I found another one in there. One is an accident, two is not. We've had problems because of the heat and wet this year, and the damn things do climb up the drain pipes. Luckily the exterminator is coming on Thursday. I haven't needed to have him come in the house for years, but I will need to empty out under the sink so he can spray there, and I'll have him do the door to the deck, too, and probably the foyer and the kitchen. He uses green pesticides; I hope it works, since the last time we had a problem with them, Scott [our original exterminator] had to get out the big guns with some stuff that came out of a tube that we were forbidden to touch. I hate when these critters get in the house.

We had one more outing: another trip to Kroger to get gasoline for the car. And then we were both so wiped out, James from having about four hours sleep and me from being sick, that we just took an hour's nap, with Snowy singing us to sleep from the living room. It was quite restorative, and we did feel better after that: read the paper, James walked the dog, then let him wander around on the deck so he could patrol for squirrels, and finally cooked the turkey thighs for supper. Excellent! Had them with ramen noodles, and I had enough left over to make three sandwiches for lunch. Watched 20/20's tribute to Robin Williams, and then Tiny House Nation (a wonderful 500-square-foot cabin up in the mountains of Colorado with a view of Pikes Peak, with all sorts of convertible furniture), the Feast of the Assumption episode of Feasts & Seasons of the Church, and finally Flipping Boston, with snow, snow, and more snow.

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