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» Saturday, July 19, 2014
Singing in the...Sun

Last night's weather report looked rather depressing: rain all day. And sure enough, when we awoke it was raining. Nevertheless, Tucker went out for his walk, and then we went to the Farmer's Market with our umbrellas bobbing over our heads, joining dozens of others with equally bobbing umbrellas. We bought cucumbers, tomatoes, baking potatoes, and sweet corn, plus chicken salad and two little dog "cupcakes" for Tucker, then sloshed back to the car, stopping at the bakery for some desserts for next week.

A little while later James left for his club meeting, and I worked for a couple of hours on a graphics project: a friend has published a book of short stories on Amazon and was dissatisfied with his cover. I did something with it I thought he might like while eating one of the rolls I bought with butter; later on I had some broth with crackers. I tried playing with Tucker a little, but he didn't seem inclined to fetch and so I set him to getting the cookie out of the puzzle toy. I was playing records later on and about three o'clock I wanted to tidy up the craft room so I could actually work in there, so I put Tucker in his crate so I didn't have to worry about him—this morning we found him chewing a bit of particle board he got from God knows where! I put up the Doctor Who clock I bought at Timegate—the only place on the wall left for it was over the door!—and put the beads and trinkets up.

When James got home we both took Tucker outside, and then went to West Cobb Diner for turkey dinners. Although all the reports said it was going to rain all day, it was bright sun and blue sky by the time James got home. I liked it better when it was raining; it was cooler! I had five JoAnn coupons, so we went there and I picked up some cross stitch fabric, a set of gold needles, and some bulbs for the electric candles. They have their fall things out, and owls seem to be a favorite this year. I was still looking for "Country Sampler," but JoAnn doesn't carry that, so we made a short stop at Hobby Lobby. It was a delight: rows upon rows of autumn trinkets, garlands, decorations, and glassware. They have the cutest fox statues this year! And they already have rows and rows of Christmas things out, including trees, a sad reminder that I have to go looking for a Christmas tree this year. I'm never fond of Hobby Lobby models, though. They had the specialty ornaments out (for different interests and occupations), the glass ornaments, garlands, wreaths, statues...almost everything for decorating except the lights, and in the back stands of crafting items. Some really pretty things, including old fashioned tags with hole protectors done in six different vintage prints. I bought some millifiore beads with the coupon.

In any case, it was clouded over again, but no rain, by the time we finished, and we were able to open the windows while we were driving. On the way home we stopped at Baskin-Robbins for ice cream.

Been sitting this evening trying to read. Tucker has been particularly temperamental tonight. I had to take his mouse away from him because he tried to nip me. James stopped playing with him because he was so fractious. I don't know what's gotten into him today.

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