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» Friday, July 18, 2014
My Friday at Walmart

Yeah, sad. I've reached that stage of life where sleeping late is a reward. I remember the mornings I couldn't wait to get up! Leaving on vacation! When WLNE ran Lassie at 7 a.m. on Saturdays! Leaving on vaction! Going up to New Hampshire to see the leaves! Convention days! Leaving on vacation! Going to Newport for a Sunday picnic! Catching the train to Boston!

Did I mention leaving on vacation?

So this is why I didn't get to WallyWorld until almost eleven, since I also needed to eat breakfast and take Tucker on his walk. We were halfway up the street when we both spied His Deadly Foe the German Shepherd. I did an about face and walked him down in the cul-de-sac instead. Incidentally, I was proud of Tucker this morning. We are teaching him that there are toys you can tug on and toys that are for throwing. The toys we have for throwing he is asked to "drop" before we throw them even if he wants to play tug with them, especially his ball. This morning he found a small whiteboard eraser in the street. He sniffed it and decided it was a "treasure" and picked it up. I said "drop" and he did.

I went to Walmart for clothes...honest! James is wearing a pair of pajama pants around the house because Tucker's claws are so sharp. (We need to take him to be groomed and have them properly filed down.) All his pajama pants are plaid, so I thought if I got him a solid color it would distinguish them from the dog-free pajamas. They had only six pair of pajama pants and they were all small or medium. I also looked for something for me, but Walmart is making them differently this year and I didn't want them in that style. What I ended up was mostly buying stuff for James' lunches and breakfasts: low-carb chocolate milk for occasional treats, baked chips, sugar-free candies and pudding, chimchangas, some "limited edition" Hot Pockets (Angus beef and pulled pork). All I bought for me were a bag of cherries and two DVDs (the Americal Girl films collection for $10 and the entire series of Daria). I packed the perishables in the insulated bag, and headed for Barnes & Noble, since someone on my Christmas mailing list said she'd gotten her autumn issue of "Country Sampler." The autumn magazines are Due Anytime Now and am I ready! Alas, not in the stores yet.

On the way home I stopped at Aldi for milk.

Ate lunch while watching Daria. I wasn't a regular watcher, but I always kept it on if I passed by it while channel changing. Poor Daria, stuck with clueless dad, business-obsessed mom, and a sister whose only talent is making people like her; otherwise she's a brainless git. And I love the opening episode, a parody of  touchy-feely self-esteem snoozefest classes taught by a teacher who's just parroting the book he's been given.

Had supper at Golden Corral (no, they don't have those tasty egg rolls at supper). The teriyaki beef strips were outstanding, though. Also had some pork riblets and popcorn shrimp, and just a small slice of chocolate cake for dessert. Then we drove to the Barnes & Noble on Dallas Highway. We had all the coupons this time, and James had a gift card he thought he lost until Tucker dredged it up from under his desk. So he bought Larry Correia's new hardback and a $10 magazine for $5. I bought a mystery story featuring Thoreau as the detective—I particularly liked that the author is trying to use authentic language for the period; I don't think he'll call an unmarried lady "Ms." or talk about someone's "baby bump" as I've seen in other historicals—and also Dawn of the Belle Epoque (her sequel to this, Twilight of the Belle Epoque, has just been released).

And tonight was Ken Cook's last day on Fox 5 Atlanta. Retiring, the lucky dog. I'll still never forget the time he referred to June 21 as the equinox. :-)

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