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» Sunday, July 13, 2014
Food Run

There's always a restocking day, and that was today. Several favorites were on twofer, so we went to Publix first, and then hit Kroger for staples. I did get bananas at Publix, as there's always a fifty-fifty chance Kroger's will be green. However, I was thinking of salad for supper, but Kroger's baby greens have spinach in them. I've despised spinach since I was a kid, and it's one of the few vegetables James hates. So in the bargain meat bin at Kroger we found boneless pork ribs. Once home, we popped them in the crock pot with a bottle of no-sugar tomato and basil spaghetti sauce and bits of leftover romano cheese. It had six hours to cook.

In the meatime, we went to BJs. I needed Chex mix for work lunches and Costco doesn't carry it, and we needed bulk mandarin oranges and mushrooms as well. We also had some coupons. I had planned that we'd go there and then stop at Barnes & Noble as a relaxi-treat on the way home, but James' gas light went on and we needed a couple of gallons to get us there (the BJs gas stations had a special; if you shopped first and then got gas, you got ten cents a gallon off, which brought it down to $3.39/gallon). So since we were across the street from the bookstore we went there first. I found two nice books in the bargain bin, an ecclesiastical mystery set in England and Lost to Time, a book about historical events that have been largely forgotten, including Sybil Ludington's ride and the explosion of the steamboat Sultana, which was covered on History Detectives last week. Plus I picked up the July "Good Food" for James.

As I returned to the front of the store, one of the baristas came out of the Starbucks with an iced coffee. She said she'd made it by mistake and asked if I wanted it. I don't usually do coffee anymore because too much caffeine plays havoc with my heartbeat, but I figured a few sips couldn't hurt. Wow, I understand now why some people complain about Starbucks. Even after I dumped another packet of sugar in it, it was bitter, and it tasted like the grounds were being left on my tongue. When I was old enough to drink coffee, I drank the local store brand, Autocrat, and I could make a better batch of coffee when I was school-age using the percolator! If nothing else, this definitely needed more cream. But it was cold, so I took several sips, and then used the cup to cool off my neck and my ears.

Anyway, it was as hot as Hades by now. We sizzled just walking into BJs. However, we found all that we were looking for, plus got toothbrushes, Swiffer cloths, foodstuffs for DragonCon, large bags of Skinny Pop that were not cheese flavored, and even found the bagged Romano cheese we bought previously, after not finding it anywhere else and having to resort to grating our own from Whole Paycheck...I mean Whole Foods. This is probably because BJs is from New England and understands that the sun does not rise and set with Parmesan cheese. Nasty stuff.

It took us a while to put everything away, and then we could finally cool off under the fans.

Oh, and supper was delicious. Add ziti and some bread to "zoop" and it was a satisfactory evening meal. For dessert, some excellent watermelon and Brain Games on TV.

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