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» Sunday, July 20, 2014
Day of Rest

Well, for me it sorta was. I kept waking up because my knees were hurting. But James had it worse because he had to go to work, so I wasn't going to complain about it. I slept until 8:30 and then dressed and went to Kroger first thing. I needed bread and yogurt for lunch, so I went to the Battle Ridge store, since their rolls are better. I picked up yogurt and bread and pudding on sale, and light bulbs, since the three-ways are getting scarce (Publix is selling them for nearly six dollars!), and bought three gift cards for future events. But they didn't have cheddar Skinny Pop (James tried the black pepper and said it's pretty much inedible) and I'd forgotten a paper, so I stopped at the Smyrna store just for those before going home. Tucker and I had our respective breakfasts, and I actually read the paper before noon, which is unheard of.

Then I took the chicken out of the refrigerator to finish thawing for dinner, positioned myself under a light, and spent the afternoon cross-stitching and watching the last four episodes of season 1 of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, plus the extras. I suppose if Kerry Greenwood, who is the author of the original novels, likes the series, I should just go with the flow, but the season finale was rather bizarre. In the series, they insert a series arc not in the book: that one of the reasons Phryne Fisher moves back to Australia is to keep tabs on the man who kidnapped and murdered her younger sister when they were children. In the series finale, the mystery is solved, and it's rather improbable. They also did a major change to one of the book plots (Murder in the Dark, but that was okay, because everyone in the book was totally horrible except for Phryne) to include her family, including a cousin with what looked like cerebral palsy. It's still fun to watch, but, really, the books are better.

James came home early because work was slow, and together we finished dinner, which were chicken drumsticks cooked in cream of chicken and herbs soup served with spaetzle. Everything on television was rubbish, so I put From the Earth to the Moon on, since it's the 45th anniversary of the moon landing. We watched "Spider," are just finishing "That's All There Is," and will probably put on "Galileo Was Right" before bed.

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