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» Sunday, July 27, 2014
A Benno By Any Other Name

Restless night, strange dreams. Nevertheless, we were up at ten because Tucker was waiting and so was Kroger. Our puppy was quickly satisfied; while James was outside with Tucker I went on the deck to refill the bird feeders and discovered the little ants I'd seen in there earlier in the month had laid little ant eggs in the bird seed. I refilled the feeders, then slung the rest of the seed out of the can into the back yard, and rinsed the can out with alcohol. (At least I hope alcohol kills ants!) I will still need to clean out the can and get all the leftover seed out of the crease at the bottom. Then we were off for the usual Sunday shopping trip. We bought some meats, milk of course, those Damned Bananas, some plums, Brownie Bites for dessert because they were buy one get one, Eskimo Pie ice cream bars for further desserts because they were nearly half price (some nice sales today, altogether).

After we put the groceries away, we decided to make a trip to Ikea. I was looking for a couple of "Benno" units, which are actually CD towers, but which I want to use for paperback books in narrow spaces. We could also have lunch there, and were soon sitting in the restaurant overlooking the tall minaret of Al-Farooq Masjid, with its lovely copper spire. James went traditional with the meatballs, but I had what they called a Thai chicken wrap. Technically I think you were supposed to roll the chicken in the lettuce leaves provided along with the shredded carrot, sliced cucumber, and red pepper slices, topped with the spicy peanut sauce. I pretty much just ate the chicken pieces, dipping the fork just briefly in the peanut sauce to not get too much of it, but enough to give chicken breast some taste, and the carrot and cucumber and the buttered roll I also had added to the order. The red pepper was deliciously sweet, but would have made me desperately sick, so I just had a tiny nibble.

They had no little carts like Kroger that I could see, so James limped painfully through the aisles until we found the storage shelving area so I could find out what aisle and bin of the warehouse the "Benno" units were located. To our surprise, we found out they have renamed the "Benno" units the "Gnedby." Ooooh-kay. The "Expedit" units, like the one we use as a room divider, has been renamed the "Kennix" (and now comes in sea green and powder pink!). Then we took shortcuts through the rest of the building to get to the warehouse. With our two "Gnedby" units in the back of the truck, we came home to cool off for the rest of the afternoon (except when I took Tucker outside) and listen to "The Splendid Table" and "Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me."

For supper we had an oriental salad and watched Prohibition.

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