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» Saturday, June 14, 2014
Saturday Treats

We brought Tucker to the vet for the first time today. Now, they told us when he was adopted he'd already had a full checkup and his shots. He just needed flea meds. But we took him over today to introduce him to the vet, get him in the system, and have his eyes checked, as they do tear occasionally. He spent most of the ride lying down, greeted the dogs he met, and greeted the vet tech and the doctor enthusiastically—well, until they took the fecal sample. After that he wanted to leave. :-)

(You have to understand Willow never did any of these things. She was always wary riding anywhere, never liked to encounter other dogs, was shy with the techs, and she never ate any treat they gave her, as Tucker did today. So all of these actions were a novelty. He's much more of an extrovert than she was. But I am watching Tucker and see so much of young Willow in him: the way he goes "turbo terrier" when he gets overexcited; how he hangs onto a toy, sometimes to the point of being lifted off the floor; how mouthy he is. And of course he has that same "I'm a poor starving dog and I haven't eaten in fifteen minutes" routine.)

An odd thing surfaced: the adoption agency told us he was five months old, but the vet thinks he is closer to a year, as he has all his permanent teeth. Two vets saw this dog and one thinks five months and the other nearly a year? Weird. Nothing much else; the eye problem is being caused by fur in his eyes and can be corrected by a grooming. They want him to eat a little more, and have a denta-bone or equivalent every day. We could do that.

While we were there a woman and her son came in with an injured chicken. It had flown over the fence from their yard and the neighbor's dog pounced on it. They took her back to look at him, then came back saying it wasn't as bad as it looked, but the bird's air sac was exposed and it needed to be taken care of. They wanted them to go to the Cobb Emergency Clinic. I hope they made it okay, because the freeway was backed up due to roadwork. We went through surface streets.

We got Tucker home in time to feed him some breakfast and then tuck him into his crate so we could go to the Brittrack Meet'n'Greet for June. This was in a new venue, Johnnie MacCracken's Pub in our own downtown. However, we'd forgotten about the Juneteenth celebration taking place on the square, so there were more people than usual wandering the streets as well as parking. We found some municipal parking, however, right in the back of the place, which was expedient as James' knees were giving him fits today.

It was a marvelous time. We started out in a little snug room in the back, but ended up at some tables closer to the front as more people showed up. I think we ended up being eighteen all total. And the food was marvelous. I had potato/leek/barley soup with a "roll" that appeared to be fried and, had it been sugared, could have passed as a doughboy. James had what they called a "Marietta Moonshine" sandwich, roast beef (real roast beef, not dreadful deli meat) and the trimmings, along with potato salad. It was such a big portion that I was able to sample some of the sandwich myself.

After eating we walked around the corner to The Corner Shop, which sells British things, and finally we all had ice cream at SweeTreats. It was a great afternoon.

We came home to walk our puppy and watch more Wild Wild West, and then a couple of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. Tucker was a bundle of energy most of the night and even turned into turbo terrier for several long funny minutes.

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