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» Friday, June 20, 2014
"It's a Sweet, Sweet Dream..."

I feel like the Gilbreth kids at the beginning of the film Belles on Their Toes, singing "Lazy...I want to be lazy..." Me, I want eight hours sleep. I got that and went back for another half hour. I was still exhausted from the 70 minute commute yesterday; it took me fifteen minutes just to get on the freeway when it should take five. Anyway, next it was breakfast for Tucker and I, and an airing for the dog. At ten o'clock it was already hot, but there was a breeze which helped. I did see ants making a path on one of the upright supports for the deck, so the minute puppydog was inside I was out on the deck spraying with vinegar around the back door, just in case. Makes me nervous. It's those little sugar ants, too; the kind that got into the birdseed container once. I sprayed around that, too.

I had an agenda when I went out: Barnes & Noble, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Costco for gas, then down to the big Publix for twofers. The bookstore trip went fine—the sequel to Thieftaker was out. But BB&B was out of Urine Gone—we have a coupon expiring this weekend and I want one for a spare if Tucker's going to spring surprises on us. Stopped at Costco for gas and thought if I could get a good parking space, I would stop. One came open right up at the front next to the door. Okay, I can take a hint. Bought more bath soap, sampled rice cakes, balsamic sauce (which I would have turned down if I'd known it was topping icky mozzarella), nut-and-chocolate bars, and did find Skinny Pop, but they only have cheddar flavor. So I got some for James, but...grumble.

I bought a lot more at Publix than intended, considering there were only four things on my list, but they had grapes on sale, and I was simply salivating for some plums, and they had Campbell's soup 10 for 10, so I stocked up on chicken broth, and also a couple of cans of vegetarian vegetable. Bought salad for Sunday supper, something to munch on while driving home from work (when I'm usually so hungry I could strip wallpaper and eat that), a nice lamb steak, and several other things that came to $82. Yikes! Since I had the lamb, I had to come straight home.

Had about half of the vegetarian vegetable for lunch with a piece of French bread, and a treat,  part of a tiny can of shoestring potatoes. I also had some of the cherries I bought. I've been really disappointed in the Bing cherries for the past few years, and today's batch was no exception: they weren't exactly sour, but they weren't sweet, either, even though they were nicely dark and firm. I guess I'll have to wait for the Rainer cherries again to get something that's good. Tucker and I also went outside for a while, where he peed but did nothing else but watch for squirrels.

It was after three by then, so I thought I'd settle down and read my June issue of "Early American Life." Then the sun went in. It was nice and cool under the fan, and it was dark, and my eyelids drooped and the futon in the spare room was has a sweet, tempting voice like a mythic siren. Next thing I knew James was home. He took Tucker outside while I re-dressed, and we had supper at Firehouse subs. I love having their brisket and cheddar without the cheddar. It's real meat and not that deli slop some sandwich shops pass off as meat. After supper we stopped at JoAnn for me to pick up a couple of craft items, then I sat in the truck while James went into Hobbytown for a few minutes. It was a little warm, but the breeze helped, and I was distracted by re-reading All Creatures Great and Small.

Our final stop was the Town Center Bed, Bath & Beyond, and to my astonishment, they were out of Urine Gone as well. The employee I spoke to said someone came in and bought all four bottles they had left. But, since they were out, I could have it shipped to me free of charge. I was even able to add some Plinks (to deodorize the garbage disposal) to the order so that I could use the coupons about to expire. I didn't know this about Bed, Bath & Beyond. Excellent.

Ended up taking Tucker on a walk up to the corner and back when I got home. I brought a squirt bottle of water with me to cool my skin down in the hopes it would make me less desirable to mosquitoes. I don't think I got bitten, but there still was a breeze out there, so that might have kept them down, too. We had come home through Kennesaw National Battlefield Park, where the fireflies were flashing merrily in the underbrush and over the lawns on adjacent Kennesaw Avenue with its old homes and broad swaths of grass, but we didn't have a lot of fireflies here tonight. Instead, the big fat June bugs were blundering about, and at least three bumped into me as I took Tucker up the street and back.

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