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» Sunday, June 15, 2014
Food Fatigue and Puppy Perambulation

It wasn't a stressful day, but it sure was busy for a while.

Note to James: if you use the alarm with the the cellphone's clock, it doesn't shut off after you use it, but just rings at the same time the next day. (I use Alarm Clock Plus; you have to reset it every day unless you deliberately set it to be recurring.) So we were woken up at 6:45. Groan. But we shut it up and went back to sleep until 9:30.

James took Tucker out and he had a successful trip. :-) A breakfast for all later, we had to go to Kroger to do the grocery shopping, and we stopped at Publix on the way home to get some Smart Balance, more BelVita breakfast bars, and some bread for my sandwich this week. Once the groceries were put up, we took Tucker to Petsmart for a little while. Yeah, we bought him a few more soft toys, and I finally replaced Snowy's millet. I've only forgotten it three times already. We also stopped at the dollar store for a couple of things. I bought Tucker a tug toy that was basically a ball and a rope; he had shredded the covering of the ball and then crushed it by the time supper was over. Even the cheap stuff in Woolworths lasted longer.

Oh, we did check out the dog park; it looks like it's well fenced. But it will have to be a morning thing; it's going up to the 90s. Tucker saw two dogs coming out of the park and wanted to get out to play. He did schmooze with several dogs at Petsmart and was disappointed that he couldn't play with the dogs in the play room of their Pet Hotel.

Came home and tossed balls and toys for the puppy, and watched The Poseidon Adventure. During the intermission we had to take so Tucker could have a bathroom break, I ran the vacuum cleaner and put up some coupons. Also washed a shawl that has been out for months because it had a couple of spots on it. We had soup from Kroger for supper.

Something funny did happen about nine o'clock! I went into the kitchen with Tucker right behind me. All of a sudden I heard this deep growl, and then a sharp bark. I looked down. We had just the light over the stove on, and Tucker could see his reflection in the oven door! He started growling and barking at it, and I had to squat down and show him I too had a reflection before he would stop.

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