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» Sunday, May 11, 2014
The Couple Who Fell to Earth

Well, turned the A/C down even more (we had it at 65°F Friday night and I turned it down to 62 last night), and it sort of helped us sleep better, James at least. Me, about 7:30 I was awakened rudely by other things. At least I got back to bed.

Note for next year: We asked for a room in the front because there's a bar at the back of the hotel and it was noisy last year, with loud music, loud talking and shrieking, and glass breaking. (Well, it was Cinco de Mayo weekend last year, yet another holiday excuse for people to get drunk.) The front of the hotel faces east, and while the blackout curtains do a great job on the window proper, it doesn't help the light seeping around all four edges of the window. By the time we got up at 8:30, you could read in the room without a light.

A subdued breakfast this morning. Caran wasn't feeling well, Jessie's injured leg (she went kayaking on Friday and the rapids were a lot stronger than they told her) was swollen and painful, and everyone was sobered with the realization that the weekend was over all too soon. We did have a good laugh after breakfast when someone put Jeanne Robertson's routines on their tablet. Jeanne is a Southern comedienne who does routines around everyday life, especially her husband, who has a doctorate and whom she refers to as "Left-Brain." The routine "Don't send a man to the grocery store" is particularly funny.

Finally it was time to check out. We stuffed everything back in the suitcase (except the second pillow, of course), and took our own food away, and dropped off our keycards. We hoped people might linger in the conference room, which we had until three o'clock, but people were drifting off, car by car and person by person, so we went as well, passing through Helen, and past the animal shelter (with more than a long thought about the black puppy). Unlike Friday or yesterday, it was a clear day with some fluffy clouds, sun shining on the cows and the horses and the sunny buttercups tipping their faces skyward.

We made a short stop at the North Georgia Premium Outlets to go to the Hanes store. James needed new pajama bottoms and underwear; he also found pocketed tee shirts on sale two for ten dollars and bought sleep shorts as well. We weren't quite in the mood for lunch because of the heat, but had a small ice cream.

Snowy was perky and bouncing when we stopped to pick him up, and quite chatty on the way home, although I think he was calling for the buddies he made at the vet's office (there were several birds boarding this weekend). We got him inside and put up our leftovers from Saturday night, then went to Publix for the weekly groceries and to Kroger for James to get gasoline. However, we had to go home to get the CVS coupon that was stashed in the front of our suitcase; a 30 percent off coupon off entire purchase was too good to pass up, especially when we needed Breathe-Rights. So we didn't really "get home" until about five, and then had to unpack and put all the charge cords back, and James' C-PAP back in place, and dump things into the hamper and get ready for work tomorrow and...sob!...turn the alarm clocks back on. I really would enjoy the day better if it started later!

Also found out James' mom got her gift safely: he'd waited too long to get her something, so he got her chocolate-dipped strawberries and cookies from an outfit called "Sherry's Berries." She said it was all delicious and the items were still delivered with the icepack cold.

But it was a relaxing evening listening to Snowy sing, and watching the season finale of Hawaii Five-0 (wow, no extreme cliffhanger this year; thanks for giving us a break!), the last Flipping Boston for the season, a touching Call the Midwife about mental illness, and finally Cosmos, in which we learned Sir Humphrey Davy was a snot. :-)

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