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» Sunday, May 18, 2014
Sunday in the Living Room With Snowy

So James got up at 7:45 to go to work, but I coveted eight hours sleep and I got it. After breakfast I dashed to Publix—of course it started to pour the moment I opened the garage doors—for a newspaper, some French bread, and something for my lunches this week. Because my schedule will be unsettled this week, I started a load of clothes before I left and had the towels washed and dried before noon. I waited to wash the clothes until I'd read the paper, but there was nothing worth going out again for, so that was done this afternoon. No use going out and spending money, anyway, in such damp weather (yet it's still preferable to the upper 80s it will be by the end of the week). I also cut out about four weeks worth of coupons and got rid of the three TV Guides under the coffee table that had been sitting there for ages.

Oh, and I dubbed off the last three Castle episodes, including the stinky season finale. I got out of watching most of it by timing the show segments between the commercials and making myself elsewhere for most of the segments. What a damned shame, because some scenes were lovely, like Javi and Lanie watching the sunset, and Martha giving Kate the earrings, but the main plot sucked. It was preferable to scrub the toilet and fold towels and sweep the kitchen than to watch it again. Also copied off the last two Tonight Show with Jay Leno episodes I recorded, the one with Jimmy Fallon and the series finale.

Then I decided to watch the nice, uncut copy of "The Time of the Doctor" I got from Jack, because the original broadcast was confusing with all the stupid commercials BBC America put into it. It was still a bit over the top, but it flowed much better without dropping out for screaming announcers every ten minutes. My main complaint with it was that the background music WAS SO LOUD! Background music is supposed to enhance the story, not overwhelm it.

Eventually started watching the Little Women miniseries from the 1970s, the one with Susan Dey as Jo. Everything about this screams "1970s"! The March house does not look like they are poor; they even have an expensive breakfront china cabinet like my godmother used to have. The girls wear their hair down in 1970s styles, just like on Little House on the Prairie. The music is frenetic (didn't I just complain about this?). The girls wear 1970s style rubber boots and Jo, Laurie, and Amy wear separate skate shoes instead of the normal 19th century metal skates that fasten on to their shoes. Ann Dusenberry is absolutely horrible as Amy. Every time she looks distressed or angry she lifts her upper lip like a rabbit sniffing out carrots.

The saving graces of this are Dey as Jo, Dorothy McGuire as Marmee, to a lesser extent Eve Plumb as Beth, and the fabulous Greer Garson as the acerbic Aunt March.

Steak and potatoes for supper, with a Call the Midwife chaser followed by Cosmos. Sorry to hear Jessica Raine isn't returning. I spent most of the episode sobbing quietly over the story of Chummy nursing her mother through cancer. Too many personal flashbacks from that story.

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