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» Saturday, May 17, 2014
The Joy of Slowness

So the alarm rang this morning, in order for us to go to the Farmer's Market. I shut it off, waiting for James to ask "Aren't we going to the Farmer's Market?" When he didn't answer, I went back to sleep. Turns out he was waiting for me to say something. Heh. so we both went back to sleep until almost 10:30, so I assume we needed it. It certainly was delightful. We awoke slowly, rose slowly, breakfasted slowly...such a relief after work running me ragged this week—but I got that dratted last minute order done! I still need a quote on the other one. I hope the people I'm doing this for appreciate it, and they need to thank the folks whose orders I am putting on the back burner to make time for their not thinking ahead. Drives me mad sometimes, and, like yesterday, drove me to tears.

We went out sometime after noon, just to do something, which ended up being a trip to the Barnes & Noble at Town Center. The weather was quite delightful when we left: cloudy and cool with a breeze, so that we wore our jackets, but we abandoned them by the time we had reached the bookstore. Alas, the May "Best of British" isn't out yet, but I did find the newest Victoria Thompson novel, bought the Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit module, and bought a special anniversary magazine for The Wizard of Oz. By then it was three o'clock and we were both peckish, so we stopped at Panera Bread for a nosh. I've decided Panera is my happy place, since there's not much chicken soup doesn't cure. I also picked up something for supper, as James wants Mexican and I can't bear the stuff.

On the way home we stopped at the credit union for James to get money, and then went to Kroger to do the shopping. By golly, the bananas were yellow this week; I've come to consider Kroger the land of green bananas. We got some beef bits for Sunday supper, and stocked up on the necessities of life: bread, milk, and yogurt. :-)

James was going to pick up his Mexican supper at the place across from the Battle Ridge Kroger, but it was closed. So we took all the perishables home, since the sun had come out and the temps had therefore crept up, and then trudged out one more time to go to Mexico Lindo. I made sure I took something to read because the last time James picked up dinner there I think they went to Monterrey to get it. So I sat shaded in the truck reading Red Sky at Morning, one of my favorite novels, and it didn't take too long.

This evening we watched our Netflix disk of the next three episodes of Murdoch Mysteries. The third and last story was a cliffhanger, so now we have to wait until the next disk to find out what happens. Grr. (BTW, I was totally surprised a few weeks back to find Murdoch running on the Ovation channel, except that they call it The Artful Detective. Odd title.) Then we watched two of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, based on Kerry Greenwood's Phryne Fisher mystery books, which are up to twenty now, I believe. Phryne is a fearless, open-minded Australian woman living a freewheeling life in the 1920s. She can shoot, fly a plane, and solve mysteries, has an active sex life, and has adopted two orphan girls who were headed for the white slavery trade. Her friends include socialists and importers. The series is somewhat lesser, and the star is a bit too old to be Phryne, who's in her late 20s, but the atmosphere is good, and the actress who plays her maid and companion, Dot, is just too adorable for words.

(Incidentally, we were talking about the Preakness on the way home and then totally forgot to watch the race! So it looks like we might have a shot at a Triple Crown winner this year!)

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