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» Sunday, May 04, 2014
Queen of the Castle

James wasn't home when I got in on Friday, which I thought odd because he was pretty sure they didn't want him to stay overtime (he worked over his time twice during the week and they don't like to pay overtime). When he wasn't home by 5:15 I called him, only to discover he wasn't at work, but at Kaiser. He'd called them this morning to make an appointment to talk to the doctor about the back problems he's had since his fall on the stairs. He also mentioned to the doctor that he'd been getting brief dizzy spells.

Needless to say they told him to come in.

Turns out he has water on the ear, which the doctor says probably explains the dizziness, plus a couple of other problems, which are being taken care of. Because of the back injury, the doctor wanted him to have a temporary handicap pass.

Which explains why we got up at the ungodly hour of seven a.m. yesterday; the license office opens at 7:30. I know this place; I had to stand in line for nearly two hours the year I had my hysterectomy to get my temp parking pass, so it was best to get in line early, while it was cool. And, luckily, because James was limping quite badly this morning, we found an empty parking place close to the entrance, and, indeed, there were already about fifty/sixty people in line.

However, we weren't destined to stand in it, which I discovered when I asked the attendant if we needed to fill out some type of form. You don't get handicapped parking passes at the license office any longer—a fact that's not on their web site, thankyouverymuch, Cobb County—you get them at the license plate office. And the license plate office is only open during the week .Joy.

So to salvage the morning, we went to the breakfast buffet at Golden Corral. They even gave us the senior rate. Very nice selection: I had some bacon, French toast, pork steak, cheese potatoes, cantaloupe, strawberries, peaches, milk, the sourest orange juice ever, and also something called "bacon candy." It's thick cut bacon in a light sugar glaze. I only tried a small piece about twice the size of a sugar cube. Between that and the two bacon slices I think I had my total recommended sodium for the day. They also have, believe it or not, battered and deep fried bacon slices, which strikes me as real overkill, and why you would want to kill the taste of bacon with batter anyway?

We stopped by the Farmer's Market, which was crowded on Mill Street this week because of some arts and craft show going on in the Square proper. James just dropped me off and I picked up some chicken salad for him and two cupcakes for a dessert when he appeared, having found a parking space. We stayed long enough to buy some cherry tomatoes and some sweet corn, and then headed home. James left after a while to go to his IPMS meeting.

I decided to spend the afternoon doing something useful. After a few chores, I started dubbing off the Castle episodes I had accumulated on the DVR. I've let it get behind this year; I usually copy them after five accumulate, which is how many fit on a DVD-R. I haven't copied back any, and the DVR has gotten disgracefully glutted this year. At one point I had only eight hours left on it. So I watched some movies, erased a couple of others that I'd been interested in but didn't really care about, transferred the Feasts and Seasons I kept on there because I was hoping they'd show the rest of the Lent episodes and the Summertime episodes, but there was still this big glop of Castle episodes on there, twenty-one of them to be exact, with the season finale coming up in two weeks.

So I sat and dubbed off Castle episodes and reviewed books for my book blog and Amazon Vine until James got home. He was exhausted from having gotten up early—one of the things he talked to the doctor about was his having problems sleeping—and fell asleep on the bed while he was changing. So I dubbed off two more Castles and then turned it off for a little while to watch the Kentucky Derby. Good grief, what a song-and-dance production they make of it now. They used to show a bit of the color, and then the race would be at 5:30. Now it's two hours of pomp and circumstance with the race at 6:30. Sorry to say "Wicked Strong," "the Boston horse," only came in fourth.

After that we went out to Kroger and picked up supper. Finished filling a second disk with Castle escapades later on and then surrendered to sleep very early for a Saturday evening.

Today James went to work and I returned to my Castle-ing, with interruptions for cleaning the kitchen sink and washing a load of dishes, laundering my work clothing, and running to the store for a newspaper. Had a different flavor of soup today, Angus beef and dumplings, one of those Campbell's Kettle soups. Can't say I was impressed. I did enjoy the indulgence I bought for dessert: a lunchbox size box of Cheetos. I haven't had those in over a year.

Once James gets home we're having an Asian salad for supper and we can look forward to Call the Midwife and Cosmos. Thinking about just recording The Bletchley Circle tonight to get extra sleep.

Incidentally, I liked watching the whole series in one fell swoop just to follow the tale of Alexis' unfortunate romance with Pi. She was always such a sensible girl and she fell so hard for Mister Fruit Salad, probably because he was so free-wheeling. Finally she discovered it wasn't for her.

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