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» Sunday, April 27, 2014
It Won't Rain on My Festival

Sleeping late, a true Sunday blessing! Strange dreams, though; not nightmares, but as always odd.

We had to rush a bit when we got up to be able to get to the Spring Jonquil Festival in enough time before it opened so that we could find a close parking space (James' arthritis has been acting up badly; he had to use a cane to walk again today) and so we could get there before it really got hot. So we parked behind the library and sat in the shade near the playground for a few minutes until all the booths opened.

We still got pretty warm walking, but at least there was a nice breeze to help. We were surprised to find Ginny's Fudge there; you don't usually see them in the spring, and so our fudge desserts are usually in the fall. We bought ten squares, and also some dip mixes from another booth, and some small bottles of differently flavored honey from yet a third. The Greyhound rescue people were there, and someone also had a sweet Italian greyhound who came to me begging to be petted. (A bunch of other interesting dogs there today, including two lovely German Shepherds with nice straight backs, a pit bull puppy, and a wonderfully fuzzy terrier.)

Before I spent a lot more money, though, I had to go check out the books at the library sale on the other side of the traffic circle. Not as many novelties as the last time, but I got a Christmas almanac-type book, plus another about Christmas in Moravian communities, and a book by Phyllis Whitney about writing young adult fiction. The Button Girl was there as well, so I picked up a bunch of different buttons for friends.

Finally on the way out we picked up some Williamson barbecue for supper, and got James a bowl of red beans and rice along with jambalaya for lunch. I had two chicken "drummettes" left over and had them with some bread for lunch, and finished work on the laptop. Also took my car to the gas station for a fill-up. Next thing we knew it was suppertime, and in succession Father Brown, the news, BBC America's Science Fiction, Cosmos, and The Bletchley Circle. (I miss Anna Maxwell Martin).

Now watching the news where they're talking about more storms this week. Lovely. More liquid stupidity falling from the sky.

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