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» Friday, April 25, 2014

I told James that sometimes I feel like a clock that's run down, and I can't find the key to wind myself up again. I've been down like this since Willow died, and I think a lot about Schuyler as well. I love Snowy, but I miss my funny little hen. I get misty-eyed at the least thing and sometimes wake up finding I've been crying.

Still, it's my last Friday off for two weeks, so I wasn't going to sit around feeling sorry for myself. I simply just don't know what to do about the melancholia.

It was a bit of a frustrating morning.  I stopped at Publix for some French bread and granola bars for lunches, then went off to the mall. I got to the door to discover that it wasn't ten o'clock yet; the mall wasn't open! So I went across the street to Barnes & Noble, intending to buy the second Kate Shackleton mystery novel, only to realize I'd left my coupons at home. Gah. Back to the mall for needed lens cleaner; they were half off, so I bought two. I also had a Hallmark coupon, so I walked down to the card shop and picked up a surprise to put away for Jessie and Aubrey's 21st birthdays.

Then it was time for Costco. I needed milk, mushrooms, and mandarin oranges, and just to spoil the alliteration, trash bags. I also wanted to look for some Skinny Pop, because those tiny bags they sell in Kroger last about three days. Despite the fact that Costco was the one who introduced us to Skinny Pop about two months ago, now they are no longer carrying it. This hacks me off because I have a lot of trouble eating popcorn, but this kind is so tender, light, and lightly salted that it doesn't bother me, and they kept the popcorn with the dippy name, "Boom-Chicka-Pop" which is as tough, chewy and salty as stale movie theatre popcorn. Plus they no longer carry brand-name mandarin oranges, but have a house brand now. This wouldn't be bad except for the fact that their house brand is packed in light syrup rather than juice! Will you tell me in all the name that is holy why fruit must be packed in syrup? It's already sweet!

Stopped to look for something at Aldi, but it wasn't there, so headed home. Dumped two movies off the DVR because I realized I really didn't want to watch them. Listened to some BBC drama.

Also had to cope with a problem: for the past two weeks, my small tablet that I use basically as a reader has been losing its charge really rapidly. Last Sunday, for instance, we were having a drink at Starbuck's and the battery points dropped by 20 in ten minutes of reading. I would take it off the charger and ten minutes later it would be down to 83 percent, and five minutes later down to 63, etc. I finally logged onto a Galaxy Tab forum and asked if anyone had any suggestions. The only one was that I should do a complete reset, which I'd already thought of. So this afternoon, that's what I did; I took the SD card out of it and completely reset it. Well, I hadn't had it off the charger for five minutes before I did the reset and the battery started to die in the middle of the reset. I plugged it back in, completed the reset and left it to charge, which apparently only took ten minutes. I took it off the charger and in thirty-one minutes the battery indicator went from 100 percent to 1 and it turned itself off. I plugged it in, and ten minutes later it again said it was charged, but when I turned it on, it was only at 12 percent. So I shut it off and left it, figuring the battery was dead and there was nothing I could do.

So James came home, we had supper at Firehouse Subs, and then we went to Barnes & Noble, since I did have the coupons with me this time. Now I'd been thinking: I pretty much only use the small tab for reading. And the new Nook HDs are full Android tablets, with access to the Google Play store. I could download the Kindle app to read the freebie Kindle books I have. Why not just get the Nook HD? So I did. And a nice cover for it, too.

We came home and after we changed clothes, I gave the small tablet a last pat and turned it on. To my surprise, it was still charging and had just reached 98 percent. I took it off the charger, and started playing with it, re-installing apps I had on it previously, reading Facebook, etc. In ten to fifteen minutes, it only lost 3 points on the battery. So I took it out in the living room with me and downloaded Nook books, and Kindle books, and turned off apps I didn't need, and finally because I didn't know what to else to do with it, I watched three episodes of Lassie off YouTube, and then went back into Facebook and just let it sit. It's been on over three hours and just got down to 20 percent.

So. Beats me. I haven't touched the Nook and it can just stay in the bag with the cover till I see which way the wind blows. But...very strange.

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