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» Saturday, April 12, 2014
And So To Bed...

...or putting new sheets on it, anyway.

Not much of a day. We went to Publix for twofers before James left for his club meeting. I did some tweaking of the zipper pulls on our backpacks (I now have each of the large compartments marked on both of them) and hung them up in the closet, wrote out some Easter cards, emptied the dishwasher, and ended up watching about half of The Courtship of Andy Hardy and, a little later, the second half of the first part of MGM: When the Lion Roared.

When James came home we went to Fresh2Order for supper. I love their creamy chicken vegetable soup, it's almost like a stew, but it has some very strong herbs in it and it's one of those days when no matter what I eat, if it's got more than the taste of a piece of bread, it makes me sick. James didn't look so well after dinner, either; he said his chicken tortilla soup was very salty. We weren't even halfway through Costco when he said he felt sick, so I finished the shopping quickly (we only needed a few things, and we got the latest Hobbit saga, since we never saw it in the theatre) and we headed home. He didn't feel better until later in the evening. This is the second day in a row that Mexican food has made him ill.

So instead of checking out Michaels we sat at home watching this week's "fix" of Peter and Dave (a.k.a. Flipping Boston) and Too Cute. Going to have to watch episode 859 of This Old House online; last week they said it was episode 859 but showed episode 858 over. It was on again this week, but the channel went off and we got a half-hour of a solid yellow screen. Grrr! Also watched the end of The Misfits and finally Yukon Vet.

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