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» Saturday, April 26, 2014
A Hairy Time With Windows

"Hair Day" at last! But first we had to get up early after being up really late last night.

Sadly, after all that we didn't make it to the Farmer's Market. Downtown was choked with cars; there was an Artists' Market as well, and I think Taste of Marietta was today. So no chicken salad for James; we just went on to Kroger to pick up some proper mandarin oranges and two bags of Skinny Pop, plus some mini-cinnamon rolls for a breakfast treat. James got a couple of breakfast biscuits, too.

Hair Day was the usual fun. Charles is thinking of going to New England on vacation this year, so we were throwing suggestions at him. Lin showed us Neil's new videos. Colin has a job interview! We had a delicious lunch as well. Juanita brought barbecue chicken legs, we brought the Bear Creek chicken noodles we discovered last week, Lin made two types of baked beans, Shannon brought fruit, and Terica bread, and Charles brought doughnuts for breakfast, and Phyllis made a spinach dip. We were stuffed by the time we left after two. After bringing the leftovers home, we went back to Costco. I really wanted James to see the enormous Dell "tablet" they had. It's the size of a TV tray; you sure won't be tucking that thing under your arm. It had Windows 8 on it and while I got to the desktop and the files, I still never figured out how you got to your apps. Strange. We walked about the store to get some post-prandial exercise. Anyway, I bought two of the mini-SD cards on sale, and some 90-calorie lemon squares for James. We also got gasoline there because it was 17 cents cheaper than any other gas station, and purchased a new carbon dioxide canister for the Soda Stream. By the time we finished it was after five o'clock. Still full from lunch, we had dessert at Bruster's and came home.

I have spent five hours of this evening updating my laptop to Windows 7. I bought a new battery for it earlier this week, and downloaded the instructions to do it from Lenovo's website. I did a clean install and then was supposed to install some Lenovo drivers, but the whole laptop works fine without them, so I see no need to install them. All those ThinkVantage "accessories" were a nuisance sometimes. I will miss Diskeeper, though. After installing Win7, there were 147 Windows updates, then thirteen more Windows updates, and in the meantime I installed Microsoft Security Essentials, Firefox and my favorite add-ons and bookmarks, my old copy of Paint Shop Pro (version five), my web authoring tools, and WordPerfect (of course). One does not simply have a laptop without WP. :-)

Whiled away the boring hours waiting through those Windows updates by watching this week's Growing Up Fisher, This Old House, Flipping Boston, and finally Elementary, which ended with a cliffhanger! Arrrgh!

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