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» Friday, April 18, 2014
A Day of Contemplation

I am always looking forward to Good Friday since I started taking it off three years ago. It is a nice afternoon of spiritual contemplation for me.

But before I got to the contemplation, I had to get to the chores: I did the shopping. Normally it's James' week, but I'm not sure which groceries will be closed Sunday and I know he won't be able to do much walking after what we have planned for Saturday. Might as well just do it. I dropped in at Publix for a couple of things, and then went to Kroger for the remainder of the things, including milk, a very nice piece of steak for Monday dinner, yogurt, and burritos for James. Grabbed ice cream for desserts, then realized we would have chocolate bunnies and Cadbury eggs. Oh, well, it will keep.

Barely got home in time to put everything away and had to have lunch after the noon mark had passed; it couldn't be helped. First I listened to the six BBC "Lent Talks" I had recorded in the weeks previous. The theme this year was "The Power and the Passion." Very enjoyable, although I though the gentleman who was discussing giving children the vote at sixteen was going very far afield. When that finished I put on some choir music and read the book I bought last week, Catholicism. I'm afraid it got so peaceful that it fell asleep, and then James was let out early.

We had supper at Giovanni's and then went to Barnes & Noble to check if there was anything new.

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