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» Sunday, March 16, 2014
Rain on Sunday

Apparently all the rain fell while we were asleep. I wouldn't know, because by bedtime I had a sinus headache that felt like someone was drilling through the right side of my nose. It's amazing how lonnnnng little actions like covering the birdie, shutting the lights and computer, using the toilet, and taking a shower last when you're in pain. At least when I lay down the ibuprofin kicked in and I don't remember anything until it got light and was damp and warm enough for me to stick my arms out of the bedclothes to get them cool.

We'd listened to weather reports and it was supposed to pour rain all day, but while it was cloudy and gloomy I don't think we encountered any actual rain at all, but then we didn't go out until after three. First we had chores to get through. James got the ladder out and replaced both air intake filters. We covered up Snowy before doing the vent upstairs, but uncovered him before bringing the ladder downstairs so we could show him the ladder and he could see me climb on it. I want to show him that strange things will not always hurt him. James also replaced the blown-out bulb in the kitchen overhead light before taking the ladder downstairs, and got the dishwasher loaded.

I finished taking down the winter decorations (the porch and china cabinet were already cleared), packed them away, and put up the spring decorations. Then I sat down, pulled out all the receipts, and did the taxes, which took about an hour. I don't even bother itemizing things anymore, since our itemized deductions haven't been larger than the standard deduction for years.

Once I was done with that, we went out to Michaels, since there was a special coupon this afternoon: 20 percent off your entire purchase including sale items. I filled up with gasoline first, then we stopped at the QT for a newspaper, and then we finally ended up at our intended location. I picked up some items on sale and on clearance, and found a really great clearance item: a metal rack that has dividers in it to hold pens, paint brushes, glitter containers, etc. with two levels, about the size of a toaster. They had two and I bought two, not sure what I would do with the second.  [When I got home, I noticed that you can remove the dividers. With them out, one of these makes a cool book rack for the hall bath.]

On the way home we stopped at a place we've noted a couple of times, Going Gear on Concord Road. This is a camping store that also has emergency gear. Small but impressively stocked store. Need to stop by at some point and get emergency blankets for the car.

Had steak and home-made fried rice for supper with a cucumber salad. We'd been talking about old bloopers we enjoyed, so I put on two blooper specials I recorded in the early 1980s, More TV's Censored Bloopers and TV's Censored Bloopers #3. Most of these still leave me roaring with laughter, especially the old news bloopers. There's Ron Howard's "never leave a car in drive!" and Tim Conway telling the elephant story (this is on YouTube) and Chad Everett muffing his lines with "luffingsnarf" every five minutes. Now watching the second part of the new Cosmos.

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