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» Monday, March 24, 2014
Not Myself
I've been feeling pretty dispirited since Willow died, but it's a hard slog to fight it off. Friday was perhaps a nadir in the whole post-euthanasia depression: I had an order that had to get out on  Friday and ended up getting out at 5:15 rather than 3:30 because I hadn't done a follow-up e-mail yesterday. I didn't mind for my own part—you make a mistake, you have to correct it—but someone else had to stay late on my account and that wasn't fair. Not to mention the poor car had to chug its way through 80 minutes of traffic rather than 40. James brought home chicken wings from Zaxby's for supper, which helped a lot.

Saturday we drank up sleep the way a thirsty man tosses back a beer. In the afternoon we went to JoAnn with a coupon, stopping to have brunch at Golden Corral. Interesting: this former "steak house" doesn't serve steak at lunch any longer, just hamburgers. I had bourbon chicken, pork ribs, and pot roast instead, with a nice side of peaches and mandarin oranges and some popcorn shrimp, and an amazingly delicious low-sugar blueberry pie. We picked up a few things in JoAnn, and also used some coupons at Michael's, and then I sat in the car reading while James ran into Hobbytown looking for "Sport Rocketry." Alas, no March "Best of British" yet at Barnes & Noble, and I used a coupon on Mary Roach's new book Gulp in paperback.

We came home for a light supper before driving up to Roswell to UUMAN, the Unitarian Universalist Metro Atlanta North church. Louis Robinson and some other musicians were appearing at their coffee house. I did have to laugh when Louis looked out over the audience and commented on how many people he saw from concerts in other places; he looked straight at us and said "My time travelers are even here!" (Because we always see him at panels at Timegate. He then proceeded to promote 221B Con...twice!) It was a lovely night. The sanctuary had great acoustics and the musicians did a nice variety of different styles: 30s-40s standards, blues, and at the end, rock, which James liked the best. I liked the old-fashioned things, of course, including "Pennies from Heaven," "Ain't Misbehavin'," and "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face," which, perhaps oddly, perhaps not, brought Willow to mind and I had to fight down the tears.

Sunday was another sleep-in day, the usual Sunday chores of getting ready for Monday, and the usual trips to Publix and Kroger. We'd talked about going to the Home Show at the Galleria, but I woke up thinking I didn't want to go, and James voiced the same though a bit later. We didn't really need anything and he was afraid he'd be tempted into buying the pressure cooker we've seen previously. We don't have room for it and a big one such as he wants would be expensive. Instead we drove out to Hiram and strolled around their larger Michaels and also around Five Below. Petsmart, next door to Michaels, was doing adoptions, but it was cats only. On the way homeward we hopped from Walmart to Walmart until we found one with James' favorite deodorant, which we can find only at Wallyworld, and got BreatheRights at CVS before arriving home. We  had chicken and sesame teriyaki noodles, and there was Cosmos to end the night.

As always Sunday night was a pain. I had four hours sleep and paid accordingly at work, sleeplessness usually engendering other problems. Nevertheless, I got a satisfactory amount of work done. I'm guessing my allergy kicked in after lunch, with a perfect storm of sneezes and coughing. Really, tell me why I'm supposed to look forward to spring!

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