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» Sunday, March 30, 2014
Just One More Store

Of course, since we did all the shopping Friday so as to have a free day, what did we do? Yeah, go shopping.

But first we slept late, and then took our time over breakfast. James was so tired yesterday evening I wanted to blow off the BJs trip, but I needed Chex mix for my lunches, and it was some place to walk around. We listened to "The Splendid Table" up and back, and I got lucky and found some SmartPop popcorn there as well.

We also checked out the new outlet mall two exits up from BJs; it opened in the fall and we've been avoiding it ever since. At this point it looks like we can avoid it permanently, since it appears to be, except for a Ghiradelli store, all clothing and shoes. We didn't walk through because the place was mobbed.

Made certain all my Sunday preparations were completed, and then we had supper: grilled lamb shanks, the potato and onion pirogis we purchased at BJs, and a cucumber salad. As we ate, we watched Father Brown (a mystery involving a murder at an asylum), and later the opening episode of the third series of Call the Midwife, and finally the new series of Mr. Selfridge.

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