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» Sunday, March 02, 2014
Grumpy Cat Morning

Since I couldn't fall back to sleep after James left for work, I got up. I could go to Kroger early before it got hot (supposed to get into the 70s today—not my type of weather). I had the bagel I bought yesterday for breakfast, and found myself at the supermarket at the dot of ten, and then remembered the pharmacy doesn't open until eleven. @!#$!#$!!%#$@!

I did the shopping anyway, but Kroger didn't have slow cooker bags so I had to go to Publix anyway. Piffle.

Put the groceries up and waited until I was sure the pharmacy was open (since they usually show up late) by fixing some file names so I could back up my hard disk later. Had a 30 minute wait for the prescriptions, so I bought gasoline, then went across the street to Goodwill to hang out for the other twenty minutes. Found a book about World War II and looked at a 1992 set of World Book that was celebrating the 75th anniversary with reproductions of a few of the original articles from 1917. How cool! I guess I should buy a new set in 2017.

At the price of a modern World Book, I'd better start saving now.

Spent a better afternoon backing up the hard drive, getting ready for work tomorrow, reading the newspaper, and cutting out those wretched coupons (considering we had four weeks of coupons backed up with today's issue, I got precious few coupons out of the packets; so many coupons are for expensive items, or fattening junk like cake mixes, candy, and junk food, or for makeup and fancy hair care products). Also treated some spots on the carpet, plus watched last week's Elementary and the episode of The New Lassie that Angel2 broadcast last week.

James got sprung an hour and a half early, so we could have supper (the aforementioned Asian chicken salad), and we watched Too Cute, the season premiere of Flipping Boston, and last week's Mythbusters. Predictably, they were not successful at herding cats, but Cari did catch a greased pig. I also wrote out two greeting cards I was planning to write this morning before the mixup with the Kroger times.

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