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» Saturday, March 01, 2014
For Fun and Function

Okay, explain to me why, when we had to be up at eight, we watched Jimmy Fallon last night. Yeah, I have no sensible explanation, either. I hate that alarm clock.

It was cloudy and chilly when we left the house, and as we walked from the parking lot to Mill Street I enjoyed the nice breathable air. Soon it won't be so clear and cool. We strolled around the booths, bought cucumbers and tomatoes, chicken salad, goat cheese, some cupcakes for a dessert, and I got a bagel for tomorrow's breakfast. Then it was cool enough to store the produce in the truck and have breakfast at Sugar Cakes, the patisserie on the Square (I thought we had a coupon, but it turned out to be for the ice cream place). James had eggs and grits and I had creme brulee French toast (which is really too sweet once you put maple syrup on it).

We took the groceries home and then went to Costco. Even at eleven a.m. it was wildly busy. We waited in line for gasoline, then wandered the store trying to remember where they've moved everything. The milk is now in the back where the vegetables used to be and the vegetables are over to the right where the bread used to be. We had a few samples, picked up the milk, found a DVD copy of Edwardian Farm in the media section, and bought two bags of Skinny Pop. (If you're ever at Costco and  have a choice between Skinny Pop and "Boom-Chicka-Pop," do pick the former. The latter is dry and tough, one step up from movie theatre popcorn, but nowhere near as tender and light as the Skinny Pop; we threw away the bag of Boom-Chicka-Pop we purchased.) It was still cool enough for us to briefly detour to Bed, Bath & Beyond to get a refill for James' Soda Stream before going home.

We'd gone out so early it was still only 12:45 p.m., so we spent the next two hours rearranging things in the garage. I believe I've mentioned before that we have a bookcase in the garage that holds our outdoor Christmas items. Since we only access it six weeks out of the year, I thought the garage space would be better served by having it stored in the closet, and have the yardwork tools out where we could get at them. I couldn't get at the rake the other day when I needed it because the closet bifold doors were blocked. Anyway, in two hours we had cleared the bookcase and the closet, I'd tested all the Christmas lights and bagged all the bad sets so we could consolidate the lights, James had put the bookcase in the closet and we'd restocked it, plus we were able to store the extra computer peripherals, the Alpine trees we've never used outside at Christmas, the old bed rails, and our camp chairs in the closet as well. The tools are now all out, some boxes have been moved over, the ladder is where we can get to it freely again, and I can reach the hook that the hedge clippers hang on.

Unfortunately the garage is not 100 percent clean because it's going to rain buckets before trash collection day, so we left the plastic garbage bag with the bottom of the old Christmas tree, and a box full of broken down cardboard boxes that were stored in the garage inside the garage until Thursday night. Sadly, we can't do anything with the bulky old convection microwave until November and free electronics recycling day. And the garage is completely swept. Win-win all around and we were done before three.

We had a bit of a rest after that, then went to SteviB's for supper, but came directly home since James has to work tomorrow. He went downstairs to model for a while and I've been watching Get Smart reruns from first season all evening. On my way to bed because, frankly, Captain, I'm tired!

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