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» Friday, March 14, 2014
Errands on Friday

Remember all those naps you didn't want to take as a kid? Me, too. I want to recall them. I liked the eight hours of sleep this morning.

After breakfast I mailed a package at the post office and then went through the covered bridge neighborhood. All the trees and bushes are in wild bloom: white Bradford pears like giant snowballs, pink cherries and plums, pink and white waxy magnolia blossoms, bright yellow forsythia spikes, waving daffodils in both yellow and white, and even touches of purple phlox at the edge of concrete walls. This trip there weren't any 7 1/2 foot tall trucks going through seven foot clearance.

There was no putting off the Walmart trip today. I needed shorts for hanging around the house in the summer, since my old ones were literally fraying, on my right leg where I pull them down to use the mouse. Lucked out and they already had shorts out. Also had to get the rug for the foyer: check! And more wild bird food—yay, they had finch food! The birds hate the Pennington "classic" mixture with the big coarse seeds. A couple of small things and I was outta there. While I was out I also detoured to Office Max and bought two sets of bookends.

Came home and took the winter decorations off the porch (::sigh::) and replaced them with the spring/summer things: grapevine wreath with purple flowers and a goldfinch and nest and bees, the basket with purple and blue flowers, and all the farm critters (cows and sheep). Put up the spring flag and that was done. Had started taking down the winter decorations in the dining room earlier and at least got everything down and put the year-round fall things back, and the St. Joseph's altar on the china cabinet. Replaced all the apple/cow decor in the kitchen as well.

Watched The New Lassie during lunch and did things here and there until James got home. We had supper at Ken's, picked up a new cylinder for the Soda Stream, stopped for James to use a coupon at World Market, and picked up a couple of things at Michaels before heading home, so I was able to add a "lime" to my St. Joseph's altar, and put a couple of artificial butterflies on the porch wreath and bouquet. Finally, since we were making a fruit salad for Hair Day, we went to Kroger and finished the shopping for the weekend. It's supposed to pour all day Sunday; sure don't want to do the grocery shopping in that.

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