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» Friday, March 07, 2014
Completely Booked Again

I took leave today to go to the Cobb County Library book sale. Didn't exactly want to go out in the rain with books, so instead of the usual reusable grocery bags, I brought along the nice Life of Pi bags Cost Plus World Market gave away on Black Friday of 2012. We used these to carry gifts at Christmastime and I was delighted to find the pretty beaded bracelet I got from the Boulers for Christmas inside one of them. It went missing after the gift exchange and I thought I had lost it.

The rain, thankfully, was very light as I got there on the dot of nine; they were just going inside as I parked the car. I started at the children's books, then crossed to the other building to check out the Christmas books, the history books, the biographies, the nature books, the travel books, and finally some of the fiction, which I usually don't check out. The tally is here.

From the sale I turned onto the side street from Calloway Road and stopped at the pound to drop off the dog food and treats we had unopened. Of course I walked through to look at the dogs. There weren't any real "puppies" in the puppy room, and the only small dogs were seniors, a Yorkie literally with "tusks" sticking out on either side of his mouth, and the oddest looking poodle ever. The rest of the dogs were mostly pit bull mixes; some of them practically would have climbed in my lap if I let them, others were shy or wary. But they were all huge. I think the smallest dog there was 49 pounds.

I made the mistake of driving through downtown Marietta on my way to Barnes & Noble at Town Center: it didn't take forever, but traffic was a mess because there was a children's consignment sale at the church across the street from the parking lot where we usually park on Farmer's Market Saturdays; they even had police directing traffic. I made it to the store and picked up the newest "Best of British" as well as Jennifer Roberson's first Tiger and Del novel in years, Sword-Bound.

Got home about two and finally finished cleaning up the garage! We had put all the trash bags we filled last weekend out with the trash last night and they were blessedly gone this morning. I popped an old plant table and a foam cooler without a lid in the trash barrel, moved a box and a bag of water bottles, and moved the old convection microwave to near the door because James wanted a "table" to put things down on when needed. It's in front of the ladder, but that can still be gotten out easily from the side, and it's at least useful until we can get rid of it.

Ate a sketchy lunch, watched the episode of The New Lassie that recorded yesterday, and the "Stamp Album" episode of the original series, and soon James was home. We had supper at Shane's Barbecue—we hadn't been there in a dog's age—and went to the Barnes & Noble at West Cobb. James got a couple of magazines, but I didn't have my other coupon and didn't buy anything. When we got home I finally copied off the files Jack had sent to me and watched the original broadcast of An Adventure in Space and Time with the William Hartnell tribute at the end. This is really an extraordinary movie. We all know Doctor Who "made it" as a series, but there really is a sense of suspense: will Verity Lambert and Waris Hussein ever get this show off the ground? And David Bradley is heartbreaking as Bill Hartnell, who knows there is something wrong with himself, but will not give in to it.

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