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» Friday, March 28, 2014
Backing It All Up

Not only didn't want to get up this morning, but proved it by sleeping through my alarm saying "Time to get up, sir!" for forty-five minutes. And then I took three ibuprofin and went back under the covers for fifteen minutes.

My morning after breakfast was taken up shopping for twofers at Publix, and then I put only the perishables away before leaving to go up to Town Center before traffic got bad. Nothing in CD Warehouse (I should know better to expect a miracle and find a copy of Frozen, although I found Saving Mr. Banks last week), and then went to Barnes & Noble next door. Argh! March "Best of British" still not out. Bought two cross-stitch magazines instead, and then found a mystery set in gilded-age Newport. (The writer actually knows Rhode Island, too, unlike other writers I could name.) I also stopped at the Publix behind the B&N to snag some more oatmeal (the one near our house only had two left). I have to stock up because they don't do buy-one get-one on oatmeal during the summer (don't they think people eat oatmeal in summer?) and I have to make sure I have enough before then.

Finally I stopped at Office Max with a coupon to get some Post It tags for work, more bookends to sort out the library, and another little passport drive for a backup for my computer files. I keep forgetting to back up the videos I've been sent.

Tried to get through a few more surveys when I got home. These are so absurd sometimes, asking you if the brand made you feel "more important" or if you use a certain brand so that other people think well of you. What sort of sad person makes a "brand" represent them?

When James got home from work, we had supper at Panera, then went shopping for "exotic" groceries at the Cobb International Farmer's Market on Spring Road, which, back when we were in the apartment, was our old Winn Dixie. They have many Hispanic and Asian foods there, and we needed some black sauce, sweet soy, and sesame oil. The black sauce had done a bunk, but we found the rest.

And then that's what we went home to do: rest and whittle down a few things off the DVR.

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