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» Saturday, March 08, 2014
A Warm Saturday

We eschewed the Farmer's Market this morning for sleep, but finally did have to get up at ten. James' club meeting was today, and he was also going to lunch with the guys and picking up a friend who is disabled, so he had to leave early. I had breakfast and then swept and washed the kitchen floor. Before I left, I treated the last three spots on the carpet and left them to "simmer."

I went back to the book sale for a little while, but the pickings were pretty slim this year and only got a few more things. One was a birthday gift and one was for James, so I didn't feel too guilty.

Took a slight detour to get some cash, then I went off to Aldi to pick up some milk and the low-calorie chocolate they sell. I found some nice side dishes: three kinds of flavored spaetzle, and three Asian noodle mixes that can be used as side or you can add meat and make it a main course. Plus I got a loaf of bread because I was jonesing for toast again. I had two slices for lunch plus a cold chicken leg, and watched Elementary, and scrubbed the spots on the carpet and finished reading Sherlock Holmes FAQ.

We went out again just to pick up supper at Dragon, and came home to eat and watch Flipping Boston and then Hawaii Five-O, finally finishing with Too Cute with kittens.

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