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» Sunday, February 02, 2014
The Shoeboxes

The emergency boxes are in the cars. I bought two clear shoeboxes at Walmart for a dollar each and filled them with:
  • a washcloth
  • it was a packet of three washcloths, so I cut the third one in half and there is also a rag for wiping off glasses, etc.
  • toothbrush with a cover
  • underwear
  • socks
  • two different flavor power bars
  • beef jerky
  • snack bag with a cup of sunflower seeds
  • generic Neosporin
  • travel deodorant and toothpaste
  • BreatheRight strips
  • Sinex for James and salt water for me 
We both have a first aid kit and an LED flashlight. Want to pop some other things in: some paper in case a note must be written and a pencil with a cheap sharpener (pencil doesn't run in the rain), a travel shampoo, a packet or two of peanuts. Maybe a razor for James; he still has some cheap Bics in the cupboard, I think. Some ibuprofin and Tylenol would be good, too.