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» Sunday, February 23, 2014
The Longest Short Day Ever

Not a late morning, because habit is strong and love is stronger, we weren't waiting for a bark but woke up nevertheless.

It only struck me, when I finished my oatmeal, that there was no one to lick the bowl clean this morning, and then I did start to cry.

James loaded the dishwasher and we stopped by Publix to get money and buy a couple of things, and then drove out to Gwinnett to go to the Georgia RV Show, which was held in the same place that had the bird show where we adopted Snowy. It was, by nature, very small, and neither of us saw any small units. We did like a couple of all-in-one campers (the ones that look like a truck with living space on it). We sat in the front seat and my eyes filled with tears again. I wish we could just drive away in it, go home and get Snowy, and not have to come back.

We detoured just a few miles to stop at the Aviarium to see if they had anything that might be helpful for Snowy because of his feet, but the whole place looks dusty and sad. The bird room was alive with avian voices, and I found the cutest little white and grey budgie being annoyed by his cagemates. I could have taken him home in a minute if I wasn't afraid of how he would treat Snowy. Everyone thinks birds are so sweet, but they will peck an injured or crippled bird and drive him out of the flock.

Stopped at Kroger for groceries, and then put them up and finished getting ready for work, and by that time it was time for supper, and by the time supper was finished it was time for Olympic closing ceremonies. It's always sad when they "blow out" the flame.

Or maybe I'm just sad tonight.

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