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» Friday, February 28, 2014
Peace and Quiet

It was certainly nice to sleep in this morning, and then have a leisurely oatmeal-and-yogurt-and-milk breakfast with Snowy fluffed contentedly behind me. Still—no one to lick out the oatmeal bowl. ::sigh::

I threw caution to the wind and decided to drive out to Acworth. Ran a "Tech Guy" podcast on the phone and went via our new "back way" of West Sandtown and then Due West Road (sadly, Old Lost Mountain/Mars Hill Road has become too busy). On the way I stopped at a cute gift shop called White Rabbit Cottage, which advertises in the free Cobb Life magazine. The main store in an old house (and I do mean old; the floors sag like switchback railways), and there is a covered walkway leading to a newer building that holds larger items. The store has a range of gifts from nice little decorative things to some furniture, in prices ranging from affordable to "oh-my!" (like the sterling silver necklaces), but all of it was very pretty. I was quite taken with some "branches" with tiny white lights at the tips. A collection of three of them were in a tall container and then antiqued Easter eggs (like Christmas ornaments) were hung from the branches. Very pretty! Of course, in keeping with the name of the place, it had many rabbit statues. The walkway between the two buildings had things for your garden, including metal whirligigs and concrete statues of dogs, including a German Shepherd which was Leia-sized.

Had a nice stroll around Books-a-Million, and was surprised to see this year's "Country Sampler" home tour magazine already out, so snapped it up. I was deciding on a book to buy when I found a jackpot, a new book in the "FAQ" series, Sherlock Holmes FAQ. Sold!

Took my book and went across the parking lot for lunch: a book and a bowl of Panera chicken soup. Bliss.

Took a coupon across the street to Michaels, stopping first at Dollar Tree to stock up on some Pears soap, and scored a nice Christmas gift, which I will embellish, for half off. Then I wanted to stop at the big Walmart further down Cobb Parkway to look for a new rug. I haven't been to this Wally World in over a year and was surprised to find that it had been cut down to two-thirds of its original size. Couldn't find a rug, either, and it looks like they don't carry finch food anymore, and this one didn't have safflower seed. Meh. I did find a torchiere that didn't cost an arm and a leg for my office, however.

On the way home, I passed a bright yellow house ("school bus yellow") with bright blue shutters. Eeek—my eyes!

Finally home—it was four o'clock already!—and I looked, annoyed, at the mess in the garage since Christmas, and did something about some of it: cut down an Amazon box and tossed it, took apart the Moravian star, and put it into the Christmas lights box along with the solar lights, stored the timer and extension cords for the lights, hung a storage cube up on a hook, and pretty much cleared in front of the little closet in the garage so I could get to the gardening tools. Those leaves in the back yard will have to go before the grass begins to grow again!

When James arrived home, we went out to supper; while we originally were heading to SteviB's, we ended up at the West Cobb Diner, which was standing room only and had to wait for a table. The turkey was delicious and the portion large enough for us to both take some home for lunch on Sunday (he'll be eating his at work, sadly). Finally we went next door to Publix. I can tell it's spring because I'm craving salad, but specifically baby greens, and there's not a restaurant around here (at least that we can afford) has a salad with baby greens (they usually use iceberg, which is the sorriest excuse for lettuce ever; at least at Sweet Tomatoes you can get romaine). Publix had baby greens as a BOGO and we bought the Tyson Asian chicken thighs, so Sunday we will have an easy, delicious supper: chicken strips with baby greens, mandarin oranges, slivered almonds, and chow mein noodles.

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