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» Friday, January 03, 2014

Ah, finally, after two weeks, I get James to myself for a day. :-) He is off today because he worked on Saturday.

Most of what we planned to do today was tidy up for the party. I unclogged my sink in the master bath (again) and then cleaned off the counter, and scrubbed the toilet and rinsed out the jacuzzi. The floor I'll leave until tomorrow. Tidied the bedroom, and ran a duster about. Clicking around the television, we found something called America Unearthed, about people using archaeology to try to prove their pet beliefs. The first show we saw was set in Newport, at the old stone tower that has been identified as a grist mill built in colonial times by Benedict Arnold (the great-grandfather of the traitor), but which others say was built by Vikings, the Chinese, and, in this case, by the Knights Templars. The next show took place at Mystery Hill in Salem, NH, which we visited in 2010, a neolithic settlement which still exists even though people have lived on the land through the Civil War. Got a kick out of both.

And that's basically what we did all day, plus cook for Willow. We ate supper at home to save money (we had some chicken breast James had slow-cooked in cream of onion soup). Willow ate a whole chicken thigh, a few tastes of kibble, some of the Hill's food with chicken broth in it (the dog's going to start clucking soon), and even ate a few bits of my chicken breast and some of the spaetzle James served it over.

In the evening we went to Hobbytown so he could pick up some modeling glue, and then stopped at Second and Charles to grab a book. I found two more boxes of the Christmas cards I liked, and then one box with cute little birds on the front. On the way home we stopped at the Dallas Highway Barnes & Noble to see if there was anything cool on their clearance tables. Sadly, only found two things.

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