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» Saturday, January 25, 2014
Stop. Just Stop.

As expected, we had to clean up after Willow this morning. Most of it was confined to the pad, and the floor was easily mopped up. She tries so hard to be good, even if we exasperate her, and she exasperates us. James made me an eggnog for breakfast, and we had to take Willow out several times. I have been reading online that white rice will help, so I gave her some of that for breakfast, and she gobbled it up.

We arrived at the Farmer's Market in time to get the last container of chicken salad. Also bought some lasagna for Sunday supper. Then we went up to Town Center so I could use a Michael's coupon to pick up some ingredients for a gift, and then stopped at Barnes & Noble to see if the January "Best of British" was out. Still December, but the big bins of clearance items were now 75 percent off. Saw a bunch of beautiful, different coffee-table books about the Beatles I knew Emma would love! I rummaged through them and found a nice cookbook for James, a Manhattan-set YA that looked like fun, Simon Winchester's book about the San Francisco earthquake, and two books for gifts. Plus some pretty gift bags, and, with a coupon, a book of Doctor Who short stories.

Headed home to check on Willow; had to clean up a minor accident. She didn't seem to want to go into her crate and relax. Nevertheless, we ran to Kroger and got the grocery shopping done; confirmed why we avoid supermarkets on a Saturday—not the long lines, but just too many people wandering around the store (and stopping in the middle of the aisles to talk) to navigate properly. Got the usual staples, more brown rice for Willow, and also some ground turkey for her.

And then when we were in for the night she led us in and out the front door, her tail held up. While James took her out the last time, I fixed her several things: some canned pumpkin, which several animal care websites advised for bowel problems in dogs, the Hills' gastrointestinal dog food moistened with unsalted beef broth, and more white rice. The rice was all she tasted. The pumpkin she didn't even bother tasting. I also warmed up the rest of my chicken wings for supper.

Poor James. He hit the microwave to warm up his dinner, it ran for ten seconds, then stopped. He thought the breaker had snapped.

Nope. It's dead. Now, granted, this convection microwave is at least nine years old. We had it in the old house. We warm things up, and we grill lamb, chicken, steaks, pork chops, make baked potatoes and sweet corn. It's been used.

But...why now? Really?

Willow was still restless, which means one of us had to keep an eye on her all the time to watch for the telltale raising of the tail. The last couple of times she asked to go out she didn't do anything but walk restlessly around.

I finally solved what was wrong after rinsing out the grass of the pee pad. I checked her crate and the blanket and fleece were soiled. Willow is a clean dog, so it follows she would not want to go back in there. I put her bedding in the washer and James put fresh in and she immediately went into the crate and fell asleep. Poor girl has had a hard day. I hope we can give her something to help.

[We're cooking her more white rice. When she's asleep she's fine, but she can't go more than a half hour being awake without that tail going up, and then we have to urge her to the front door.]

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