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» Saturday, January 04, 2014
Party Like It's 2014

Heigh ho, heigh ho, it's off to Hair Day James goes...

I stayed home because (1) the centerpiece was chili and I can't eat it and (2) I was down to the last of the cleaning for the party. I swept and washed the master bath floor in case someone needed to use it, tidied up the bedroom, cleaned the hall bath thoroughly, washed the kitchen floor, and then cleaned off the coffee table and the sofa, put up my cross-stitch things, and generally tidied. I needed to vacuum, but Willow was asleep and I thought I'd let her, as I knew she would be schmoozing tonight.

I was just about finished when James came home, and we went to Costco. The place was like a mob scene! James finally dropped me off and I ran inside to get things for the party and I also found omeprazole on sale. By the time he found a parking space, way down near the Costco gas station, I was already at the checkout counter! We came home by Publix, where we got a few more party things, and then commenced to get ready. I finished vacuuming, moving chairs, etc. just in time to get tidied up and change before Anne and Clay showed up.

We had a very small crowd, as Isabel was at her mom's party and Juanita; of course was unable to come (but she is now testing negative for C-diff—hurrah!), so we had the Spiveys, the Boulers, Anne and Clay, the Butlers, and Terry Sanders. Had the football games on for most of the party, first the Eagles and the Colts and then the Chiefs and whoever. Nowhere near as fun as the hockey game in the snow from New Year's Day!

A small crowd means we had lots of leftover food. We decided to eat the roast beef au jus rolls tomorrow and the chicken wings on Monday since we both have to be back to work and will not be in the mood to cook. (We will have to cook for Willow, though. Good news: Anne brought some of the dog food she cooks for her three dachshunds. It is ground chicken, frozen vegetables, and brown rice in a sodium free broth. Wil would have preferred all meat, but she did eventually eat it all, mostly because the big pleading eyes she turned on everyone, including her usually go-tos, John and Betty, didn't work and she didn't get any goodies at all.)

Spent the rest of the evening listening to Christmas music. Sigh. It's over again for another year. Now it's time to plan for the RV Show and Anachrocon and maybe the Home Show...

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