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» Thursday, January 02, 2014
Getting Ready for the Future
Had a successful morning following breakfast: I stopped at Barnes & Noble to check out their clearance tables and found at least six excellent future gifts. From there I used two more Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons to get myself a Ped-Egg to use on my feet and some Plinks for the garbage disposal. Then I stopped by Kaiser to refill a prescription (I found one of the three pharmacy parking spaces that are not for a handicapped user, a miracle in itself), and finally I went to Aldi for milk, and completely lucked out finding what James was looking for, a blue Christmas tree to use as the airplane tree. however, it is not prelit, so next year we will have to get it a string of lights.

The Christmas lull was over and James worked a full day, so I spent the afternoon cleaning downstairs in case the kids want to use it at the party. Bathroom all scrubbed out, and everything vacuumed; also the downstairs hall and laundry room, and rearranged some of the food stock.

Willow managed to eat almost 1/3 of a can of the Hill's gastrointestinal diet which I'd watered down with unsalted chicken broth, and I cooked her a thigh for supper tonight. We had leftovers for supper and watched a new Big Bang Theory. This was a sad episode. Raj and Stuart just hung out trying to sharpen their conversational skills, Sheldon tried to learn the secret of humor, and Leonard did the right thing (you should not accept drunken marriage proposals!) and got screwed (as usual) for it. Then watched an old Father Brown off the DVR.

The garbage men aren't due until Saturday morning due to New Year, but we gathered the trash anyway because half of the baskets were overflowing. We can just put another bag in the container tomorrow night if need be.

Tomorrow—more cleaning! Party prep!!!

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