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» Saturday, January 11, 2014
Donder und Blitzen

Ah...time to sleep before going to the Farmer's Market!

In short succession, the alarm went off, I hit the snooze alarm, then rain crashed against the window, followed by a gust of wind that billowed the curtains and the shade (later we found out it broke the staff of the small flag outside), then the weather radio alarm went off (twice), then the dog barked, and then it thundered. And by that time, after James took Willow out, we decided it would be too wet to go anyway. So we did get to sleep late anyway, but not exactly as we wanted. It was so nice and cozy under those blankets!

After breakfast—oh, we were listening to a jazz station this morning, and you should have heard Snowy singing along!—I started taking Christmas things down. I'd packed up the Rudolph tree, the things in the spare bedroom, and the things in our room already and had them in their box, and this morning I started dismantling the dining room, which already had almost all of the kitchen things in with them. I worked until noon, at which time it had finally stopped raining, and we were off on a couple of errands.

Thankfully the Farmer's Market still had an hour to go (we were even lucky enough to get a parking space on the Square), so we got James' chicken salad, my goat cheese, and a couple of other things, and stuffed them in an insulated bag with some ice, since it was getting warmer by the minute (Tuesday the high was 26°F, and today it was going to be at least 61; if you don't like the weather in Georgia, wait a minute). Then we drove up to JoAnn, since I was completely out of candle bulbs. Had a coupon and got a couple of things for gifts, a magazine, and a book for card making. By the time we got out of JoAnn the dark clouds were gone and the sky was bright blue and cloud white.

From JoAnn we stopped at Publix trying to find a new dry dog food for Willow. Well, to our surprise they had the new Rachael Ray grain-free, which I've seen advertised for over six months, but not seen in any store until now. It is turkey, beets, and vegetables; that's it. Finally we stopped at Lowes to get an upper pin for the bi-fold closet door hinge in the spare room. I was taking something out of the closet this morning and the door nearly fell on me. The spring that keeps the pin in the hole in the frame had broken. It didn't look like the one we already had, though, so we stopped at Home Depot, too, and got theirs. Whatever fits!

Finally we stopped at CVS to pick up some BreatheRights with another coupon, and then we could go home. We had the Italian wedding soup we bought at the Farmer's Market, and I put on Galaxy Quest because we did not get a chance to watch it on New Year's Day. I love this movie—it's a funny movie not played for laughs, Tony Shalhoub is wonderful in it, it's one of the best representations of fandom ever, and the fans get to help save the day! I also finished packing up the dining room/kitchen decorations, including the ceppo. At the rate I am going, it looks like I will have to spend my day off Friday taking down the Christmas tree. I still need to do the library!

After watching all the extras on the GQ disk, I put on Day of the Doctor. Still quite a ride! I love Ten and Eleven arguing like a couple of schoolboys and the War Doctor just rolling his eyes. And I loved being able to see "The Night of the Doctor" on a big beautiful screen instead of on the computer. The extras are cool, too, but I wish they'd been able to put Peter Davison's "Five-ish Doctors Reunion" on there as well. Watching things on computer screens is overrated. :-)

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