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» Wednesday, January 01, 2014
2014 Comes in With an "Eh"
It wasn't the world's most sterling New Year's Day. James had to get up and go to work, although he didn't have to be in until eight. I tried to sleep in and was thwarted by (1) nature and (2) barking. So I got up, took Willow outside and then fed her, messed with e-mail and surveys, tried to read, and finally settled at the computer updating the copyrights on my domain and on my website. Yeah, I know. Thrilling, but it has to be done every year. I was DVR'ing the Rose Parade and didn't watch much, but I was keeping half an eye on it to see the big "controversial" float: I forgot who the sponsor was, but a gay couple was supposed to be married on one of the floats in keeping with the theme "Dreams Come True.". Several people on a mailing list I belonged to said they weren't going to watch it because "it wasn't family material." Sigh. Not family friendly, huh? Two gay men who have been in a stable relationship get married aren't family friendly, but a heterosexual couple who beat up their 2-year-old for peeing his pants are? or who starve their 6-year-old daughter to death? prostitute their children to people on the internet? Married heterosexual couples who abuse old people or sell meth or rob stores together with their child in tow or fence stolen goods are apparently "family friendly" simply because they are heterosexual, but a lesbian couple who are honest and loving aren't? Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

And of course, after all that, as far as I can tell, no one covering the parade showed the ceremony. Probably didn't want to hurt their ratings. Because, of course, it's not about what's right, it's about what sells.

When I got done with the copyright upgrades, I did a full backup of my hard drive. I've only done partials for the last two months, backing up only what needed backing up. I cleared the disk and started clean.

Willow kept me busy all afternoon asking to go out, which means I missed most of a treat: they had a hockey game on this afternoon, the Maple Leafs vs. Detroit, and it was being played outside and it was snowing. Reminds me of the old days when football games were played on real fields and the players got muddy or snowy or wet, not like these pampered, steroid-swollen, overpaid oafs who play in the comfort of a covered stadium. Would have been happy to watch it all afternoon.

I made turkey thighs for supper. Did feed some small pieces, sans gravy, and from the leanest part of the thigh, to Willow, who is definitely hungry, but who still refuses to eat the Hill's food. She had chicken once again, and some broth. Once James got home, I played the Rose Parade as we had supper; Vin Scully was the Grand Marshall and his voice is as mellifluous as ever.

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